October 30, 2008
Steven Collins
Nuclear IranIsrael National News is reporting that Iran has conducted two underground nuclear tests in recent days (see first link below). According to this report, the source of this information is an Iranian nuclear scientist, and the link also ominously reports that “two nuclear rockets are currently ready” in Iran’s arsenal. Obviously, I cannot vouch for the report’s accuracy, but since the report has been publicly released, I wanted to pass this on to readers of this blog for their consideration. If this report is true, it argues that an Israeli and/or American attack vs. Iran would need to take place soon to prevent an Iranian first strike vs. the Israelis.
Supportive of this report was a story by the London Telegraph in January, 2007 that North Korea was even then helping Iran to prepare to conduct underground nuclear tests (see second link below). The third link below (from the BBC) also notes that Iran has opened a new naval base near the Straits of Hormuz to block entry by any “enemy”‘ vessels into the Persian Gulf. I suspect this Iranian naval base has cruise missiles which can be fired at any western military warship or oil tankers in the event hostilities begin in the region. It appears that Iran is preparing for war, and it is possible that they might strike first.
The final link below (from debka.com) dates from August, 2008. It discusses the reappointment of the Israeli Mossad chief in light of the successful Israeli strike (and intelligence coup) vs. the Syrian nuclear reactor which was being built with North Korean help. However, the report closes with a warning that unless something was done by the end of September or October, 2008, it would be “too late” to stop Iran from entering the “last lap” of its nuclear weapons plan.
We are now at the end of October, 2008, and reports have now surfaced that Iran has twice tested its nuclear warheads in underground testing and that it now has two nuclear rockets. Iran may already have entered the “last lap” of its nuclear weapons program. If these reports are true, the world is now entering a very dangerous period. A new Mideast war may yet be averted by diplomacy, but no diplomatic efforts have stopped Iran’s nuclear weapons program to date. If the debka.com timetable is accurate, the Israelis are almost out of time to militarily act to prevent Iran from launching nuclear rockets which could, literally, “wipe Israel of the map”–as Iran’s President has openly declared he will do.
If such a war breaks out, the world may see some surprising new alliances develop. No one knows how accurate the guidance systems are on those new Iranian nuclear missiles. They could land in Amman, Jordan or northwest Saudi Arabia. Radioactive dust from any attack vs. Israel would surely devastate Jordan, the Palestinians and Saudi Arabia. Many Sunni Arabs have no desire to see the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem “nuked” due to an Iranian missile aimed at Tel Aviv falling a few miles short. Survival is a very strong instinct. Some Sunni Arab nations may discover that they have more in common with Israeli interests than they had previously realized.
Biblical prophecy may hint at such a realignment. Ezekiel 38 lists the nations which will join Russia and China in their end-time military attack vs. the entire western world. “Persia” (Iran) is included in that list of nations (Ezekiel 38:5), but it is a Shiite Islamic nation. The Sunni Arab nations are (even by their own accounts) Ishmaelites, descended from Abraham via his son, Ishmael. The Israelis are also descended from Abraham via Isaac, Jacob and Judah, one of the 12 sons of Jacob. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel (Genesis 32:28) so all his offspring are “Israelites.” Many of the modern western democracies are descended from the ten tribes of Israel, who migrated out of the ancient Promised Land into Asia and then later into Europe. North America and Australia/New Zealand. Ezekiel 38’s listing of nations does not list any nation descended from Abraham (or Shem for that matter) as being part of the end-time Russian-led alliance. This allows for the possibility that all of Abraham’s children will be “on the same side” in the great world wars at the end of our age.
The prophesied Ezekiel 38 war is the very last one that will occur at the end of our age. However, it appears that a new Mideast war is growing more likely and that is the immediate danger which we must watch very closely for the present time. The Ezekiel 38 war will occur later in the end-time sequence of events.