The Obama administration has been nearing an agreement with Iran that, according to some sources, would allow Iran to continue to work on its nuclear programs while allowing the Obama administration to claim it had received something meaningful in return. Now a bombshell revelation has been made public.

According to these two links (1, 2), an Iranian resistance group has infiltrated a top-secret, never-before-revealed Iranian nuclear facility and revealed this facility’s location and purpose to the world. The links are from both a conservative and a liberal media source for balance, and they are largely in agreement about this revelation. Reportedly, at least one photograph from inside the facility has been smuggled out by those wishing to expose its existence.

If this account is true, then Iran has been lying to the Obama administration and the entire world for many years. The links report that this previously-secret nuclear facility is buried deep underground “right outside Tehran,” and has such thick radiation doors that no external detector could locate the facility or know that a nuclear program was being pursued inside of it. Such a location makes sense. A lot of debris would have to be excavated and scattered about as part of constructing such an underground facility. Building it in the middle of a desert would make such a major project rather obvious to satellite reconnaissance; however, doing it near a large city would offer many ways to conceal the excavated debris.

It makes me wonder: How many other nuclear facilities does Iran have which have not yet been located and revealed? Perhaps Iran has several decoy facilities which were previously-known and which were going to be dismantled as part of an agreement with the USA and the West while the real Iranian nuclear program continued at unknown locations underground? If so, it means that the Obama administration has been duped in the nuclear negotiations and was about to conclude a really foolish and unwise deal that would accomplish nothing to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. Now that this facility has been revealed, I would not be surprised if Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu mentions it when he addresses a joint session of the US Congress soon. I can’t help but wonder if the Mossad knew about this facility.

I also wonder how much Russia and China helped Iran build this (and perhaps other?) underground nuclear facilities? My previous post examined a gigantic Russian city built underneath a mountain and it is known that Russia provided the initial nuclear reactor to Iran. China is an ally of Iran and a previous post cited evidence that China has also constructed a large complex of underground tunnels to move missiles and other strategic weaponry around its territory unseen by western satellites. Given Russia and China’s expertise in building and hiding large facilities underground, it makes sense that these nations could have helped Iran build secret underground nuclear facilities. Ezekiel 38-39’s prophecy about a “latter day,” anti-western alliance in which Russia, China and Iran would be allies keeps looking more and more true all the time.

Americans should be worried about the Iranian deceptions regarding the real extent of its nuclear weapons program. It calls Israel the “little Satan” and wants to “wipe it off the map.” It calls the USA the “great Satan.” What do you suppose they’d like to do to us?