Steven Collins
October 21, 2007
After the dismemberment of the Soviet Union, the USA and other Western nations assumed the “Cold War” was over and that a “New World Order” would be midwifed by an interlocking alliance of western governments and multinational corporations. It was also assumed that what had happened to the Soviet Union would also happen within Communist China. It was assumed that, given enough time, Communist China would also become an open society which could be made into a low-cost production region for all the world’s goods. All these assumptions have proven to be both gullible and wrong.
An article in the October 19, 2007 issue of USA Today has reminded us all that China is still owned and controlled by the Communist Party (see link below). During the Cold War, there were two Chinas: Communist China and Nationalist China (now called Taiwan). After the Cold War “ended,” It has become fashionable for media articles to refer to “Communist China” as simply, “China.” China’s Communist leaders put on their most cooperative face and obsequiously welcomed a myriad of American and Western corporations who wanted to boost their bottom lines by making their products cheaply in Communist China. Over a number of years, this trend became a torrent as Communist China tricked the politicians and CEOs of the Western world into thinking China’s “westernization” was inevitable. China successfully duped many American and Western corporations into relocating their economic and strategic assets (manufacturing plants) to physical locations controlled by the Communist Party of China.
China also duped the Americans into thinking China would endlessly buy US Treasury debt with the surpluses it amassed from the expanding US trade deficit (which resulted from moving so many factories to China and other locations). The West thought it was “controlling” China, but, in fact, the West fell into a strategic trap set by the Communist Party of China. By amassing hundreds of billions of US dollars in profits and lending them to the ever-profligate US Government, Chinese bankers became the creditors of the US Government and gradually are taking control of America’s economic destiny. Even atheists must surely admit the inexorable wisdom of Proverbs 22:7 that “the borrower is servant to the lender.” The more the US trade deficit balloons and the more US Treasury debt is bought by China, the more the USA enters a state of servitude to Communist China. Communist China has not bought US Treasury debt out of the goodness of its heart or because of some egalitarian desire to “help out” the US Government. It was, and is, a “power play” of epic proportions. China does this to gain increasing amounts of leverage and control over US policies and economic destinies. It already has acquired much such leverage. Western stock markets recently swooned at the mere hint that China might sell off its dollar horde on the world markets.
The USA Today article points out how firmly the Communist Party governs and controls all aspects of China’s policies and actions. It notes that Communist Party membership is “the single most important institution for advancement” in Chinese society, and that even “the media is the mouthpiece of the Communist Party.” It adds that “top governmental jobs and positions in the army’s officer corps are nearly all reserved for members of the party.” Western nations have lost sight of the fact that China is actually owned “lock, stock and barrel” by the Communist Party. Its economic and military policies are determined by the Communist Party. All westerners doing business with China need to realize they are actually dealing with the Chinese Communist Party (a strong historic enemy of the USA and its interests).
The USA Today article also warned that US and Western companies doing business in China are at risk of being compromised and manipulated by the Communist Party of China. It observed “The [Communist] party has elbowed its way into the operations of foreign companies that do business in China. Last year, it set up a branch at the China headquarters of US retail giant Wal Mart.” Wal Mart has become a mass distributor of products made in Communist China, and now we learn Wal Mart’s Chinese headquarters even hosts a branch office of the Communist Party! It begs the question: Is Wal Mart becoming little more than a retail outlet for Communist China’s products? There is no escaping the fact that the more dependent Wal Mart is on China for its retail goods, the more control China gains over Wal Mart policies.
A previous blog at this site (see archives) noted that corporate America is becoming more subservient to Communist China. The example of Mattel’s apologetic groveling to a Chinese official over the recalls of hazardous Chinese-made toys (when China should be apologizing to Mattel!) made this point graphically obvious.
Everyone dealing with any aspect of China’s government or important aspects of its society needs to realize they are actually dealing with the Communist Party. The cited article also notes “China’s Constitution gives the party primacy over the government. It dictates key decisions by ministries and China’s courts, and steers the economy, all from behind the scenes.” [Emphasis added.]
Today, America’s economic and monetary policies are increasingly at the mercy of the Communist Party of China. The strategic assets (manufacturing plants) of many American and Western nations are now completely under the physical control of the Communist Party of China. While they are nominally owned by Western corporations, they will be given to whomever China’s Communist Party wishes to give them to in the future. If the US defaults on its Treasury debts, China will likely seize all American assets in China as “collateral” on Chinese loans made to the USA. As the US dollar slowly weakens, it is the Communist Party of China which will decide if Americans will be allowed to have access to shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. The USA has squandered its global power and leadership in an orgy of mindless debt-financed spending on everything imaginable. A Day of Reckoning is coming.