Hello Mr. Collins

I have a question about a book you wrote many years ago…called THE”lost” Ten tribes of Israel…found!….I know its not in print anymore…but would you have any Idea of where I might find a few copies used ect….Its the best book i have EVER read in my life and I mean that…I have a old copy that is worn and torn…But I have some friends I wanted to buy it for to read…there is just so much information on so many things in the book that its hard to put down..If you have any ideas of where i might could find a copy used new does not matter I would greatly appreciate the help….


Thanks for your praise about my first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! You are correct that it is out of print, but used copies can sometimes be found on the secondary market. If you do a websearch for the title of my book (or my name as the author) at used book websites, you can sometimes find my first book available.
You obviously liked my first book, but your email didn’t state if you had read my expanded four-book set on the history of the tribes of Israel. My newer 4-book set is still in-print and copies can be purchased on-line by clicking at the “books” option at my website’s home page. The new books add coverage of the approximately 800 years of history between the calling of Abraham and the reign of King David (a time period not examined in my first book), and the newer books also have much new information on the Israelite migrations and empires discussed in my first book. The newer books also have photographs of important ancient artifacts, many illustrations and full indexes in each book (something not included in my first book) to aid your research efforts.  Anyone who liked my first book will love the newer 4-book series.