Steven Collins
September 6, 2007
Perhaps some readers are still a bit skeptical that the Bush Administration and the “powers that be” are actually trying to submerge the USA’s sovereignty into a new supranational entity called the North American Union (NAU) which would rule over the USA, Canada and Mexico. The NAU would also issue its own currency called the Amero. If you have such doubts, the attached video segment should end them. It has an interview with Steve Previs, who represents Jeffries International, and it aired on CNBC-TV. In this short video clip sent to me by a reader of this blog, you will see a warning about the NAU and the Amero currency coming from an “establishment” source on an “establishment” cable-TV channel.
If the NAU comes into being by Executive Branch actions only, it would have no legal real authority as the NAU would lack any fig leaf of Congressional authority, funding, etc. This would be an implementation of a dictatorship on the people of Canada, the USA and Mexico. If Congress and the American people understood what an NAU would be, they would never approve it. Indeed, they would likely impeach anyone who championed it. For this reason, it seems more likely that the NAU backers would try to slip the approval in to a Congressional bill which is hundreds of pages long so Congress wouldn’t even realize what it is voting on. In fact, since only the Senate needs to consent to international treaties, it could be slipped into the back pages of an obscure Senate bill and passed without any real review, debate or consent of the Senate. If such an action were taken, it would no doubt cause an unprecedented constitutional crisis. Impeachment would be likely for any and all elected or appointed Executive Branch officials who were behind such a deceitful attempt to “legally” trick the Congress into doing away with the sovereignty of the USA.
If you have not done so, I urge you to read my article “What Kind of Captivity?” which documents why the western world’s system of economic capitalism is called “Babylon the Great” in Revelation 18. That prophecy perfectly foretold that an alliance of global corporations (the “merchants of the earth”) with national political leaders (the “kings of the earth”) would dominate and oppress the earth with their economic system which was originated in ancient Babylon. Globalism represents the fulfillment of Revelation 18’s prophecy as economic and political leaders work together to create a new world system which benefits them at the expense of those governed. The NAU does not have to come into existence for Revelation 18 to be fulfilled, but it would represent more of a “worst case” fulfillment option. Even if the NAU is stopped from becoming a reality, Revelation 18 is still already fulfilled as the commercial and banking systems invented in ancient Babylon already hold sway over the earth’s nations, companies and people.
If the NAU is formed,. it would essentially be a “hostile take over” of the American, Canadian and Mexican government by the globalist forces of Babylon the Great. The NAU would start out debt-free as it issues its own currency and debt instruments. The governments of Canada, the USA and Mexico (and their citizens) would be stuck with paying off the astronomical debts run up by their governments, and all three national currencies would likely crash and disappear, leaving the NAU with all effective authority over North America because only the NAU’s bonds and currency would be valid. Consider also that under this scenario only the NAU would be able to issue paychecks to the militaries of all three North American nations. Do not expect the leaders of the NAU to be elected by the voters; they will almost surely be appointed officials responsible only to the corporate/political leaders of Babylon the Great. The NAU would not be bound to respect any of the freedoms or liberties now enshrined in the US Constitution. Indeed, it is the strictures of the US Constitution which the leaders of Babylon the Great which to be freed from as they are now prevented from doing what they wish to do by the provisions of the US Constitution.
In a recent blog, I noted that 5% of the entire US House of Representatives (and over 10% of the GOP House Caucus) has already sent a letter to the White House expressing their growing concern re: the NAU. If the evidence in the attached video segment seems convincing to you, you need to forward it to everyone you know and especially to your Senators and Congressional representatives…while there is still time to stop the NAU and preserve the USA as we know it. If the NAU does come into existence, it may develop into a fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 13:3 about the emergence of a “Beast” power, energized behind the scenes by Satan, whose sudden coming into existence will amaze the world. This verse prophesies “all the world wondered after the beast”  when it emerged on the world scene. The Greek word translated “wondered” comes from a Greek word meaning “to be astonished” or “amazed” (check your concordance!)
A fiscal/political crisis could occur which will result in major realignments of the world’s political jurisdictions. It should be remembered that at the same time the Bush Administration is apparently working to “slam dunk” the NAU and Amero on the North American continent, there is a major effort by the EU to “slam dunk” a new European Constitution on the nations of Europe, and the EU already has its “Euro” currency. We should be especially watchful at this time to see how world events unfold as we may soon witness the fulfillment of major biblical prophecies. Since the prophecy in Revelation 13:1-4 also mentions warfare at the time as the emergence of the “beast” power, the NAU could come into existence at the same time that a major war breaks out as well.
Keep in mind that I am not predicting that the NAU must come into existence or that it “has to be” the beast power. I hope it does not come into existence. However, the beast power does have to have supranational authority (Revelation 13:7), so Christians should watch the emergence of any supranational governments with special concern. Since both the “beast” of Revelation 13 and “Babylon the Great” of Revelation 18 have global dominance at the end of this age, it argues strongly that these are two separate prophetic names for the same economic/political entity at the end of our age.
If you have not yet done so, do a Google-search on the “North American Union,” the “NAFTA Superhighway” and the “Amero” currency. Christ told his followers in Matthew 24:42 and 25:13 to “watch” what was happening in the world. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, take heed to his warnings to watch closely how world events unfold. Unfortunately, the parable of the ten virgins in Matthew 25:1-10 also foretells most believers will be “slumbering” and “sleeping” right up to the time sudden events shock them into the realization that they are almost “out of time” to prepare for the Lord’s Second Coming.