This is an unusual blog for my website. I received a reader response to my yesterday’s blog about a possible “mark of the beast” technology being created rather secretively in Japan. A reader, Susanna, sent me a set of links which offer information about a related technology called optogenetics, which also has a “mark of the beast” application. Via optogenetics, which is a cutting-edge technology which stimulates selected neurons in the human brain with varied light-spectrum stimuli, a beast power could conceivably control the thoughts and actions of everyone on earth which had such a “mark” in their foreheads.

Clearly, there is a great deal of very “dark” research being done in secret laboratories around the world that is not being told to the masses. I’d wager that not many national leaders around the world are even aware of some of this secret research.

Susanna’s response to me (and my response to her) are included below as part of this blog. Check out the links she sent—they are well worth reading.

Dear Susanna,

 Thanks for your response to my May 27th blog about brain implants being developed to create “augmented humans,” and the possible implications for a “mark of the beast” usage in this technology. I read through the links you sent and I’m passing them on to my readers for their information as well. For reader’s information, the links provided by Susanna discuss a technology called “optogenetics” in which researchers are attempting to develop ways to control the neural pathways (and, therefore, actions and thoughts) of subjects via the use of varied light spectrum stimuli. Experiments are already being done on mice.

The final link sent by Susanna involves a subject mentioned in the link I included in my May 27th blog (although I didn’t comment on it in my blog). It discusses a project by the US military to develop a means for soldiers to communicate with each other without using any voice communications. It would utilize a special helmet which would be somehow be so sensitive to the brain wave patterns of each soldier that soldiers could communicate, essentially, via telepathy.

Lest this sound too outlandish to be true, don’t forget that God himself observed in Genesis 11:6 that mankind (using the pre-Flood language and knowledge) had reached a technological tipping point about four millennia ago that they were about to be able to implement whatever they imagined to do. Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:37 that in the latter days, mankind would again achieve the technological levels achieved by pre-Flood mankind. Genesis 6:12 records that mankind had so corrupted God’s ways for mankind and corrupted the earth itself that God decided to make the human race extinct except for Noah’s family (Genesis 7-8). You might want to soberly consider Malachi 4:5-6 in this context.

These facts and prophecies may foreshadow a hard lesson for modern mankind. The more advanced mankind’s technologies become, the more pressing becomes the need for the personal intervention of God Himself in our foreseeable future. Jesus also prophesied that certain prophetic timetables would have to be cut short in the latter days, and that he would have to return earlier than expected or prophesied to prevent mankind from destroying itself with the pre-Flood technologies that modern mankind cannot properly handle (Matthew 24:22).


Name: Susana Miller

How interesting–your post about brain implants. I blog too, and spend a fair amount of time looking into different things that are going on re: fulfillment of endtimes prophecy. The subject of mind control was one that I scoffed at. However, a couple of weeks ago, the Lord led me to info on optogenetics.
I posted about it here:
Here is the rabbit trail I followed:
And, last week, Paul McGuire’s e-newsletter featured “Are You Ready For The Microchip?”
Fascinating that, although He takes us via different roads, He is leading many of us to the same knowledge at around the same time!!