Hi Mr. Collins

I loved your blog on racism it was great…But I believe its played up way to much in this country…I think we have moved on in many ways…I have never seen a country(United States) that is as welcoming to other races ect then us…we are a melting pot of all cultures…This is the most loving and most caring nation that has even been on the face of the earth…we feed the hungry many times without thanks…we even feed are enemies at some point…when Iran had those Horrible earth quakes that killed thousands of people we flew in food ect…I will never forget the day when that wave hit that killed 200 thousand people and the first people to be there was the U.s. and there was a picture of a military man from the U.s. handing a box of water/food to a young man wearing a osama bin laden T-shirt…if that is not love I do not know what is…? My questio is and I wanted your view on this topic…is do you believe that God might judge us(Ameri
 ca)less harshly because of are caring nature and are willingness to give a hand to anyone that needs help even if its a enemy?The mercy and kindness that we show to even are enemies has to count for something I believe…I know we ahve huge problems in this country…But I believe there is so much more good then evil…it might be to late but I am seeing  huge turn in the American people there finally standing up to this out of control Goverment…BOTH parties…thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.


Dear Scott,
Thanks for your positive feedback re: my blog on the dangers of racism. You are correct that the USA has been very welcoming of immigrants from all races and ethnic groups. I also recall instances when we sent aid even to those who hate us (such as the example that you cited of sending humanitarian aid to Iran). The USA has given more generously to all the nations of the earth than any nation in the history of the planet. I very much agree with your thought that God is either sparing our nation or delaying our national punishments because of our historic generosity to others in need. The world since World War II would have been a very grim place in many regions if it were not for America’s abundant generosity. Also, the USA was extraordinarily merciful to Germany and Japan, our defeated enemies in World War II. We helped rebuild both nations and saved the people of Berlin from a Communist-imposed starvation via our Berlin Airlift. As result of the USA’s merciful policy toward Germany and Japan, both became allies of the USA and the West.
Two scriptures come to mind. I Peter 4:8 states that “charity (love) covers a multitude of sins.” America has an increasingly-growing “multitude of sins,” but it also has shown much love and kindness to the needy nations and people of the world. Based on this scripture, at least some of our “multitude of sins” have likely been “covered” for a time by God due to our abundant charity shown to other nations. Also, Psalm 18:25 states that “with the merciful you will show yourself merciful.” The USA has shown much mercy to other nations in our national history. Based on this scripture, a merciful nation can expect to receive mercy from God…at least for a time. I do not believe any nation can abandon God and not receive afflictions as a result. However, there are many millions in this nation who still “fear God,” even though they are in many denominations and doctrinal systems. If God would have spared Sodom for a mere handful of righteous people (a city with which he had no covenant), is it not logical to ask God to spare the nations of modern Israel when there are millions of people who still fear him among the general population? I make regular intercessions for our nation in my prayer life, and I urge all other readers of this blog to do so as well. We can all pray for the kind of national repentance that is needed and described in II Chronicles 7:14.