I have just started reading Mr Collins’ book “Lost Ten Tribes of Israel…found”.  In it he mentions a second book.  I am trying to find out it’s title but am having no success.  Would you be so kind as to let me know so I can order it. Thanks for your time. 

Kind Regards.


Dear Elaine,
Thank you for asking how to purchase the second book mentioned at the conclusion of my first book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!. That initial book is now out-of-print and only a few new copies remain in various book outlets. Some used copies are available at various book stores and on-line outlets. The reason why you are having so much difficulty locating the second book (which was intended to examine biblical prophecies involving the ten tribes of Israel) is that it was never written. Instead of writing that second, follow-on book, I wrote a series of four “derivative” books which included much more information on the history, migrations and current locations of the ten tribes of Israel. Besides having new information, the new book series covered about 800 years of additional history between the calling of Abraham and the reign of King David and it included photographs of key museum artifacts, many illustrations, indexes, etc. These books can be previewed or ordered at the books tab at the home page of this website or ordered on-line at the publisher’s website, www.bibleblessings.net.
However, I do have good news for you! Much of the information that would have been found in my second book on prophecies involving the ten tribes of Israel is available for free at this website. You can access this information by reading my articles on prophecy at the articles menu at this website. The article, What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal About a Future World War III, is especially important. You may also hear some of this material in the Part Two presentations in my audio series on the tribes of Israel available at the speeches tab at the homepage of this website. Information about the pre-Flood world of Noah (also mentioned at the conclusion of my first book) can be found in my message, As It Was in the Days of Noah, available at the speeches tab at this website. Much additional information on all these same subjects can be found by examining the archives of the Ten Tribes Blog, the Prophecy Blog and the Gog-Magog blogs posted at this website. The archives are arranged by calendar months for easy examination and reference.