Hi Steven

I read your blog everyday its has great stuff….I was reading about the cyber warfare that China and Russia are using against us….I know a guy that is a top specialest in pertecting  goverment computers against such attacks and he has told me that its all a big game…that Russia and China know that what there getting is only what we want them to have…He said that the United states has much more skills in combating and attacking back then we are doing…he said countries like Japan are the leaders in such software…I believe there is such many weapons that the United states has that have been in development for years that has not been shown…the bible says that if christ did not come when he did there wiould be no flesh left alive….thats telling me that this attack that coming in the latter days from china/russia is not going to be one sided as people think….it talks about missles/arrows being knocked out of the sky and weapons being knocked out of peoples hands…and 5/6 of the evading armies being wiped out to a point that people/israelites are desposing of the dead trrops for months and burning there weapons for fire wood….and incase people don’t know even in the modern world alot of ak 47s are still made out of wood…so the bible saying if the lord himself did not step in there would be no flesh left alive says to be that someone either the attacked countries are the attackers are about to start using very powerful weapons…I saw a program once on cable TV that had a guys face blacked out that use to work at area 51 and he said there are things in there that the human mind could not understand….I would like your views on this and could you please give your address to where donations can be sent to help you keep this site up and running and to get the news out.thanks for your time Mr.Collins.

Scott Moers

I’m delighted that you are enjoying my blog. You may have noticed that in my recent blog about Iran’s cyberattack against Israel I opined the very thing your cyber-friend in government indicated to you: that “our side” isn’t as helpless as we have seemed. I think all nations involved in cyberwarfare are holding back their best hacking and defensive programs until an actual war begins. No one wants to reveal their best weapons systems until an actual war starts.  It would be an excellent strategy to allow “the other side” to intentionally access files that had trojan horses, spyware and viruses secretly embedded in what gets “stolen.” I hope your friend is right!
Your comment about the end-time war are in agreement with my views. It will not be all one-sided, but Ezekiel 38 does warn that the main battlefields will be the homelands of the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel. Ezekiel 39:3 prophesies that God will see to it that some of Russia’s and China’s “bows and arrows” (missile launchers and missiles) don’t work. That may be due to God’s intervention or it may be due to our own defensive systems. Ezekiel 38:21 shows that it is not God’s will for the attacked Israelite nations to be helpless. He calls on his “mountains” (mountains being symbols of large nations in prophetic imagery) to fight back with their own swords (modern weaponry) against the invaders. I’m entirely convinced that the USA (and other modern nations) have already deployed very high-tech weapon systems that are still secret and have not been revealed to our enemies or our own general population. The atomic bomb in 1945 and the Stealth Fighters in 1991 were kept secret until used in warfare. I’m sure there are other weapons systems that will not be known until they are used in warfare. I’ve commented on one such very high-tech possibility in my previous blogs about the development of “invisibility” technology which could make weapons platforms (planes, tanks, etc.) “invisible” via the bending of light waves around such objects.  Indeed, I’m working on a new article that will be posted (hopefully!) at my website in the near future which will examine some of the possible high-tech systems that are not yet revealed as well as surprising possibilities re: how we obtained them.
I very much appreciate your offer to make a donation to help keep this website available on the internet. Like everyone else, I have many bills to pay and little money has been received this year in donations due to the recession. If those who can afford to make a donation (of any size) can make a donation to keep this website funded, it would be much appreciated. To make donations, you may send checks or money orders to: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735. Many thanks!