Daniel 12:4 prophesied “knowledge shall be increased [exponentially]” in the latter days, and this link is an example of this prophecy being fulfilled. We can know the Daniel 12:4 prophecy meant an exponential increase in knowledge as the Hebrew word translated “increased” is the same word used to describe how the waters “increased” and flooded the entire earth in the Noachian Deluge (Genesis 7:17). There was an exponential increase in the waters on the earth in Noah’s time so that is how mankind’s fund of knowledge will be increased in the latter days. The stunning increase in mankind’s knowledge in our time is one of the proofs that we are, indeed, living in the latter days. My article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, lists many biblical prophecies that are being fulfilled in our time—confirming that we are living in the biblically-prophesied times just prior to Jesus Christ’s return.

The video shows a quantum “levitation” technology which is amazing. It is achieved by “locking” the object in a quantum state so it completely negates gravity and does things that would seem possible only in a science fiction book. It is a clear demonstration of an anti-gravity technology. This technology, no doubt, is also being developed in hidden labs to utilize it in military and commercial applications. If you combine this quantum technology with the “invisibility” technology being developed in the world today (search “invisibility” in my blog for my previous posts on this subject), truly amazing things could be accomplished. Some of the movements by observed UFO aerial vehicles could be made possible by this technology.

It also brings several things to mind from the ancient world. Modern mankind is mystified how ancient mankind could have built the pyramids to such precise standards, how the massively-heavy henge stones in Stonehenge could have been cut and transported for so long a distance into their current positions, how utterly heavy stones in South America could have been moved into their places in ancient structures, etc. Modern mankind has no machine which is capable of even lifting the ancient stones which were obviously lifted and transported by ancient civilizations. I think the technology demonstrated in the video could explain how ancient civilizations easily lifted and moved unbelievably such heavy stones and objects into place.

Matthew 24:37 cites Jesus Christ as saying the latter days would mirror the civilization that existed on the earth in the pre-Flood world of Noah. If you go to the “speeches” link on my website and listen to the audio message entitled As It Was in the Days of Noah (given in 1989), you will learn of much evidence that Noah’s ancient civilization was a high-tech society like our own. Indeed, they were so advanced that we have not yet caught up to their abilities. I think the Bible agrees with this assessment. Genesis 4:20-22 records that pre-Flood mankind had developed a sophisticated division-of-labor society long before the Deluge and that that society included industrial metalworking technology. After the Flood, the immediate post-Flood generations retained access to all the pre-Flood knowledge and technologies. Genesis 11:1-9 shows that mankind was hell-bent on rebuilding the pre-Flood, high-tech world and that they had reached a “tipping point” of knowledge so advanced that even God acknowledged that they were about to implement “all that they imagined to do.” Modern mankind, brainwashed and duped by evolutionary fables, thinks ancient mankind was then trying to build a high ziggurat “whose top would reach unto heaven.” How silly! God has never cared how tall mankind makes its buildings and that would not have triggered God’s drastic and unprecedented action of confounding all human languages so all nations would be cut off from the ability to speak or read the pre-Flood language. Then what did cause God to radically stop the technological progress of mankind at Babel?

Re-read Genesis 11:4-5 with the realization that mankind was building a “tower” so technologically advanced that God had to stop it “cold” so his will would be implemented that such a renewed high-tech society would not occur until the latter days. Genesis 11:4 actually states that only the “topmost portion” or “head” of the tower would reach “unto heaven.” We have many such “towers” today. They blast off from spaceports in Cape Kennedy or other locations around the earth. That Genesis 11 “tower” whose “top” would reach “unto heaven” was a missile bearing a nose-cone with a spacecraft. Mankind was trying to rebuild the pre-Flood space program, which was vastly more advanced than any modern space program we have knowledge of, in my opinion. I say “that we have knowledge of” because it is entirely possible that modern nations have space programs already developed as “black projects” that the general public knows nothing about. I’ll bet DARPA knows about them.

It is also worth noting that Jasher 4:18 records that pre-Flood mankind “taught the mixing of animals of one species with the other.” In other words they were making chimera species via DNA cloning and DNA manipulations in in-vitro applications. To do this, they had to have electricity, high-power microscopes, surgical tools and all the other high-tech equipment needed to do such things today. They obviously had to have mapped the genomes of all animal species to be able to mix them up to produce chimera species that were never intended by God to exist. Jasher is not in our inspired biblical canon today, but Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18 refer to it as an inspired book that was once anciently available to God’s people. I have found modern versions of the book of Jasher to be credible through the time of the patriarchs and up to the time of Moses, but then obvious errors creep into the narratives in modern versions of that book.

Please look at the short video clip and marvel at the technologies that are now being developed. Furthermore, realize the very ancient civilizations of mankind had mastered these technologies millennia ago before God put all nations “into the stone age” by making them all illiterate with new phonetic languages that had no written way to be expressed. Enjoy the video and imagine what applications this seemingly miraculous technology could lead to in the future.