Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is transitioning Russia’s economy into a permanent war economy, asserts the website (first link). It reveals that Putin is spending at least $60 billion,(according to one estimate) in Russia’s weapons industry that is not being reported “on the books.” Since this massive spending is (like some of the USA’s own defense spending) focused on “black projects,” no one really knows how much Russia is spending on secret weapons programs that aren’t being officially acknowledged. The report also indicates that Russia is now drafting conscripts to either serve in the uniformed military services or in Russian defense plants.

If Russia is employing conscripts to work in Russia’s military plants, any comparison between American and Russian defense spending is now an inaccurate comparison. I’m sure Russian conscript workers in Russia’s military factories are being paid a military conscript’s wage, while American defense industry workers are almost always paid “a union wage.” Therefore, comparisons between Russian and American defense costs will dramatically understate Russian military spending efforts. Russia is now building a lot of military weapons. According to the first link, Russia is now second only to the USA in military exports, and, according to the first link, is moving to a “permanent” war economy.

Interestingly, NATO wants to pretend this is not really happening. NATO’s top general is quoted as stating: “We cannot fully grasp Putin’s intent” re: Russia’s big military build-up. The intent is very clear. Russia is preparing for a major future war. NATO would prefer to keep its head in the sand. However, Ezekiel 38-39 prophesied circa 2500 years ago that Russia, China, Iran and their allies would form a vast military alliance in the biblical “latter day” period of time and that they would eventually launch a surprise attack vs. the USA, NATO and their allies. Russia, China, Iran, et. al., compose the Gog-Magog alliance which will attack the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel which went into exile in the 8th century BC from the Promised Land, but never returned nationally to their place of origin. Many biblical scholars have no difficulty recognizing the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis as fulfilling the prophecy about the Gog-Magog alliance, but they make a huge mistake in identifying the target of their military attack. Ezekiel 38 has nothing to do with the Israelis/Jews. The Israelis/Jews are called “Judah” in the Bible, and the term “Judah” is never used at all in Ezekiel 38-39 (please check this out for accuracy). The term “Judah” is used in Ezekiel 37, but those are in two separate prophecies which are not a part of the Ezekiel 38-39 prophecy.  Latter-day prophecies about the Israelis/Jews do occur in Zephaniah 2, Zechariah 12 and 14 and other locations where the term “Judah” is used in a latter-day context, but Ezekiel 38-39 describes the Gog-Magog alliance’s attack vs. NATO and the Western alliance.

The ten tribes of Israel were prophesied to become an innumerable multitude after they went into exile (Hosea 1:10) and also that they would eventually conquer and rule over all the empires that took or held them captive (Isaiah 14:2). The latter prophecy was fulfilled from 250 BC-227 AD when the Israelite Parthian Empire (as powerful as the Roman Empire but censored out of history texts) conquered and ruled over the territories and peoples of the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian and most of the Seleucid Greek Empires. If Parthia’s history was examined honestly in history textbooks, its Israelite origins and nature would be inescapable. My book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and my E-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found, examine Parthia’s history in depth and also document the history of the Parthian mass migrations into Europe when Parthia fell in 227 AD. Now back to modern Russia.

The second link reports that Russia has announced it may station nuclear weapons in the Crimea, a region that it recently annexed from the Ukraine. Did you hear about that in your news reports? Doing so would reduce the time needed for Russian missiles to hit targets in parts of Europe and the Mideast. The third link reports on the new Russian medium tank which features a very powerful gun and some unique developments. The turret is fully automated and the tank only needs a crew of two to operate it. The tank crew is protected within a heavily-armored capsule inside the tank to make it more survivable for its crew. This tank can be used as a mobile artillery platform and can also perform other missions as well.

The average American is likely clueless about the rapid Russian militarization efforts. However, nations close to the Russian bear are watching its militarization program with growing (and justified) concern. The Baltic Republics (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) are so concerned they have requested that NATO permanently station NATO military forces in their three nations. They are not requesting a large number of forces. What they surely want is a “trip wire” force in each nation so NATO has to go to war in their behalf if Russia decides it can gobble their three small nations up the way Russia gobbled up the Crimea (fourth link).

The world is steadily becoming a more dangerous place. With Iran close to bamboozling Obama and the West in its nuclear facilities agreement, with China moving close to provoking a regional war in the South China Sea and with Russia moving to a “permanent” war economy, Ezekiel 38 is steadily moving toward its inevitable fulfillment in the time ahead of us. Meanwhile the West is led by a collection of Neville Chamberlain counterparts who prefer to live in delusions of a peaceful future instead of facing the fact that the Russian-Chinese-Iranian axis is rapidly preparing for war.

In order to understand the above assertions better, I urge new readers to order my aforementioned books and read my articles entitled, Are We Living in the Latter Days? and What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveals about a Future World War III. If you read these two articles, I think you will understand the future better than any NATO military planner. These articles show the God of the Bible is real and that his prophecies have been kept and implemented throughout human history. You can expect that he will fulfill his prophecies for the future as well. In Isaiah 41:21-26, he guarantees he will do so.