As readers no doubt realize, Vladimir Putin is again taking over the top position in Russia’s government as its re-installed President. Putin can be expected to adopt a more aggressive and bellicose stance against the West. Indeed, it is already happening. Putin sees a Europe internally torn by its Eurozone crisis and increasingly divided against itself as well as a USA which is hopelessly in debt but still acting and intervening internationally as if it was a nation with a massive budget surplus. Like a shark can smell blood in the water, Putin can see the weaknesses manifesting all over the western world and he can be expected to exploit those weaknesses. Personally, I think he will exploit those weaknesses very skillfully in Russia’s interests.
Russia is threatening to place many missiles in Kaliningrad, an enclave of Russian territory on the Baltic Sea surrounded by Poland (see first link). Missiles placed there could be launched against NATO military bases or European cities. Russia is already threatening to launch missiles from Kaliningrad against NATO bases in a pre-emptive strike if NATO deploys a class of anti-missile missiles of its own. The second link reveals that Russia is already deploying its most sophisticated ground to air missiles in Kaliningrad. My post from over a year ago warned that Russia could greatly militarize Kaliningrad by deploying its missiles there, and that is exactly what is beginning to happen. Russia is also able to deploy ground-to-ground missiles in Kaliningrad, and these missiles could target cities and military bases all over Europe.  European nations seem largely clueless regarding the growing military threat posed by a resurgent Russia.
The third link reveals that Putin is already embarking on a massive military arms build-up for Russia, similar to the build-up already being implemented by China.  When you read the list of new weaponry planned by Putin, you will see that it will result in a massive increase in Russian military power. The fourth link includes a warning about Russian military intentions against the West due to President Obama’s “open-mike” comment to recent Russian President Medvedev that he will have more “flexibility” on arms agreements after the election. That comment by Obama (which Medvedev dutifully promised to pass on to Putin) strongly indicates that Obama will make statements during the election to give the impression he favors a strong military position by the USA, but will “cave” to Russian demands after the election. America will be in deep trouble vis-à-vis its Russian and Chinese rivals if Obama is re-elected and embarks on very risky disarmament plans for the US military. Obama’s open-mike comment strongly implies that Obama does not intend to tell American voters the truth about what he will do if he is re-elected to a second term. In my opinion, Obama is no match for Putin in any kind of negotiation. I believe Mitt Romney, who has long experience in tough, hard-nosed executive and large-scale corporate matters and negotiations, would be a far better American president to represent American interests in negotiations with Putin.
While Russia and China are on military build-ups, Europe’s military forces have declined badly in size and readiness, and the USA continues to wear out its military hardware and soldiers in an Afghan War that lacks any definable purpose or strategic goal. Furthermore, a massive military cut for US forces loom in a sequestration process if the US Congress fails to get its act together and come up with a responsible program to cut federal spending and increase revenues to end the debauching of the US federal budget and the US dollar as well as the value of US bonds due to voting for endless trillion-dollar annual budget deficits. In my judgment, both Obama and the US Congress get an “F” grade in handling the US economy and budget.
The above trends are totally consistent with Bible’s prophecy in Ezekiel 38-39 that Russia, China, Iran and their allies (called the “Gog-Magog” alliance, which has already come into being) will launch a surprise attack in the latter days (Ezekiel 38:8 and 16) against the West led by the modern nations descended from the ten tribes of “Israel.” As my books and articles on my website make abundantly clear, the nations to be attacked by the Gog-Magog alliance are easily proven to be the USA, the UK, the NATO nations of Europe and Scandinavia, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and their allies around the world. You can order my downloadable e-book, The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, for a mere $12.99 to see for yourself how easy it is to trace the ten tribes of Israel, which God promised would grow into a vast multitude of people after they went into exile in ancient times. (Hosea 1:10). The e-book is a tremendous value as I have seen used copies of that out-of-print book of mine selling for $150-250 in the secondary market for used books.
I also urge you to read my article, The United States of America in Biblical Prophecy, or listen to my audio messages about (A) the migrations, history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel as well as (B) their prophesied role in future prophetic fulfillments which will happen on earth before the return of Jesus Christ/Yahshua and the establishment of his millennial rule in a Messianic, 1000-year reign with his saints on this earth (Revelation 19:21-20:5). The future years on our earth are prophesied to be a very dangerous “wild ride.” The more you know about these events in advance, the more pre-informed and better off you will be!