Reuters is reporting that a pre-Columbian map showing North American territory is authentic. At a cartographers’ conference in Copenhagen, a spokesman for the Royal Danish Academy presented findings that a 15th century map, called the “Vinland map”  is valid. The map, showing parts of Newfoundland on Canada’s Atlantic coast, dates to about 50 years prior to Columbus’ voyage in 1492. This confirms that European cartographers knew about North America before Columbus ever set sail. The details of the scientific examination of the map are contained in the link below.

This finding should surprise no one as it is well-established the Vikings/Norseman knew about North America long before Columbus ever lived. My book, Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower, includes documentation from Vatican records that an Icelandic Bishop name Eric Gnupsson was also assigned to Greenland and sent to North America (Vinland) by the Catholic Pope in 1121 AD.  My book, Israel’s Lost Empires, discusses the famous “Piri Reis map,” which confirms that in very ancient times, Old World civilizations were very familiar with the details of the Atlantic coastline of South America and had mapped them in remarkable detail. This book, plus my book, The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, include much documentation that ancient Israelites/Phoenicians, Egyptians, Carthaginians and other Old World civilizations were very familiar with North America and placed colonies there to exploit its natural resources. Artifacts and inscriptions from these ancient civilizations have been found in North America, but this evidence has been kept out of modern history text books. My books can be ordered on-line at

Columbus was a skilled and courageous explorer, but he hardly “discovered” America. Old World civilizations had been coming to North America for millennia before Columbus lived. The Greek classical writers preserved Carthaginian accounts of ancient North America which are remarkably accurate descriptions of the continent. Some of this information is included in my Part One and Part Two audio messages about the history of the ten tribes of Israel which are available for free at the “speeches” link at this website. The abysmal loss of knowledge that characterized the “Dark Ages” which preceded Columbus created the impression at that time that the discoveries of Columbus were somehow “new.” In fact, Columbus knew from his ancient historical sources that North America existed. He actually “rediscovered” it in behalf of the Spanish throne.

When Rome Conquered Carthage, it destroyed the famous library of Carthage, causing the loss of the immense records that the Carthaginians no doubt kept about North America, their trade with the Mayans and their own mining colonies in North America. It’s too bad Rome didn’t save the contents of the library of Carthage. If they had done so, The New World would have never been “lost”‘ to the Old World during the Dark Ages when all forms of knowledge, including maritime and shipbuilding skills, declined severely. I’ll bet the Carthaginian maps of North and South America were very detailed! Unfortunately, the Romans burned them.