Dear Mr. Collins

     I somehow stumbled onto your website a couple of wks. ago and have been returning every day to read more. It’s awesome.  Tonight I came across the blog regarding your physical issues and chronic pain situation. Having several serious physical problems and chronic pain myself (Post polio, connective tissue disease, and numerous back problems) I was astounded to read of your situation in the light of the way you are being used of our Father.  After being a Christian for over 30 years, I began searching out my “Hebrew roots” the last couple of years and of course discovered the truth of the 10 lost tribes (and many other precious insights) I had never heard of. I can only tell you my great delight in finding your site and I have told everyone I know about it!  As I’m sure you’re very aware, so many are waking up to begin to understand the days we’re in.  All my friends are most excited to read your site also.  I just wanted to ENCOURAGE you and thank you for what you are doing since I do understand what it is to live in various levels of continual pain and weakness.  Your site will mean all the more to me now, knowing the great effort and diligence you must give to keep it current.  I will most assuredly be praying for you.  My own ministry desires have been thwarted due to increasing limitations on physical ability and I can only imagine the frustration you must experience (with the level of understanding and knowledge you have been given).  I will be praying for supernatural strength and healing and that you may be able to fulfill ALL that our Elohim has prepared you for and placed before you.

    Thanks again for a great site and feeding us with your wisdom!!  

     A sister in Messiah

     Debbie Banet


Dear Debbie Banet,

Thank you very much for your compliments about my website and for your offer to pray for my healing. Since you experience chronic pain yourself, you can understand  how challenging it is to try to be productive in spite of chronic pain. You prayers are much appreciated. If I could sit and travel in a normal manner without the limitations of the pain, I could certainly be even more productive in the Creator’s service. Emails like yours encourage me to keep on writing!