As many readers know, I have a colleague and friend named Yair Davidy who also has written books about the migrations of the ten tribes of Israel and he also hosts a website,,  devoted to these topics. Yair Davidy lives in Jerusalem, Israel and is an Orthodox Jew. He and I spent much of a week together in Israel in August, 2000.


Yair has not traveled outside Israel in many years, but he will soon be coming to the USA. His first visit will be of a personal nature, but we have tentative plans to co-sponsor a seminar on the history of the ten tribes of Israel during his second visit to the USA. Such a seminar would feature a unique Christian-Jewish perspective on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel. There is no date or location yet planned, but preliminary discussions make Florida a likely site.


If you have an interest in participating in such a seminar (the first of its kind!), please watch for future announcements at this website and at Yair Davidy’s website, Funding will be a key part of making such a seminar possible. If anyone wishes to make a contribution to help make this seminar a reality, you may send a donation to help bring it to pass. Donations could be sent to Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735. If sending a donation, please include a note that it is intended to help fund the future “Davidy-Collins Seminar” re: the ten tribes of Israel. Please note that any such donations are not tax-deductible at this point.