This post was placed in the “Ten Tribes” category as it reflects a very important development that is occurring in the United States of America, the most-prominent modern nation primarily descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel. Those who have read my books and articles or listened to my audio messages already know this is a provable fact. For new readers who have not seen the evidence supporting this assertion, I urge you to read my article “The USA in Biblical Prophecy.” to see the evidence of this fact. This fact makes the USA a “covenant” nation in God’s eyes, and it explains why the USA has had such an incredible level of power, wealth and favor in its existence. As America increasingly abandons God and its founding Christian values and beliefs, America’s power, wealth and favor is steadily slipping away. Deuteronomy 28 prophesies that for “Covenant” nations descended from the Israelite tribes, this dynamic of national blessings or national curses will inexorably follow a nation depending on whether they obey and reverence God or not.

While the vast majority of Americans do not grasp that abandoning our Creator and his laws are the primary reason for America’s decline, a new series of polls confirm that many Americans (in some cases, strong majorities of them) realize something is very wrong with what is happening with our nation’s policies and among America’s leadership.

Let’s start at the top of America’s leadership. A recently released Fox poll shows that an amazing 61% of American voters believe that President Obama either lies “most” of the time or “some” of the time (first link, second link). Even an amazing 38% of Democrats have that viewpoint. Obama’s recent “whoppers” about being able to “keep your doctor” and “keep your medical insurance” if you like them under Obamacare has, no doubt, caused these numbers to increase. This is a remarkable statistic, and indicates that there is a growing chasm of trust opening between the American people and their government under Obama. The second poll has an even more amazing revelation. A recent Gallup poll indicates that a landslide majority of 72% of Americans believe the US government itself is the primary problem in the nation, compared to big business or big labor (third link). That total is at an all-time high, confirming that Obama’s performance is feeding that record high mistrust of government.

The fourth link reports a recent Fox poll finding that, by a 60-36% landslide majority, Americans want Congress to continue to investigate the Benghazi tragedy and that the Obama administration is “covering up” something (third link). This landslide total is not quite as high as it once was, but is still at landslide proportions. It is my belief that the Obama administration is obviously hiding something re: the Benghazi matter where a US Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in an organized attack by Islamic terrorists while the Obama administration did nothing to send any military rescue to them, even though there was clearly time to do so as the event unfolded over hours and US/NATO air support could have been sent from NATO bases in Italy, Sicily or perhaps even via warships if someone very high in the Obama administration had not given a “stand down” order. Was it Obama or Secretary of State Hilary Clinton or someone else who gave the “stand down” order that sentenced Ambassador Stevens and three other brave Americans to their deaths? Congress has been very “wimpy” about putting administration officials under oath and finding out who gave the “stand down” order. I found it noteworthy that when Hilary Clinton appeared before a Congressional Committee on the matter, she defended herself with distracting histrionics instead of actual facts. If it ever becomes apparent that she gave the “stand down” order in spite of the fact that, as Secretary of State, she was responsible for the safety of US ambassadors and personnel overseas, her presidential ambitions will be ended. Media reports at the time confirmed that Hilary Clinton’s State Department refused to provide the security forces that Ambassador Stevens’ office in Libya said it needed to ensure security. That clearly incriminates Hilary Clinton or someone high in the State Department as the one who refused to provide adequate security for American personnel in Libya. So…was it someone in the State Department who gave the “stand down” order…or was it Obama himself? Americans want to know. They need to know.

In the fifth link, a recent Fox poll reports that, by a 49-41% majority, Americans believe the Obama administration’s IRS deliberately targeted conservative groups and a strong landslide majority of 69% believe that Obama “hasn’t followed through on his vow to ‘find out exactly what happened on this.'” I certainly agree that the Obama administration is stonewalling Congress’ investigation on this targeting of conservative groups, and  the targeting of conservatives under the administration’s IRS reminds me of President Nixon’s targeting of an “enemies list” in his administration. If I recall correctly, Nixon was impeached for the Watergate scandal, lying to the American people and also using federal agencies to target his “enemies list.”

Finally, the last link confirms that Americans, by a persistent 2-1 majority, continue to believe that the USA “is on the wrong track.” This is an indictment of not just President Obama, Congress and the political classes, but generically includes a disapproval of the direction of the USA’s leaders in all areas. This disapproval of the entire direction of the nation, by strong inference, includes a disapproval of all the ruling classes of America, whether they are in the public or private sector.

When a nation is in a situation where there is such a strong chasm growing between the leaders and the people on so many issues, there is a chance that some scandal or crisis could bring about a situation that would result in the impeachment of the president and other officials, sweeping statutory changes in Congressional-passed laws, judicial rulings, etc. In Nixon’s time it was the Vietnam war and the incessant hectoring of Nixon by a hostile liberal press that caused a tectonic political shift. What might be the event that will create a tectonic shift in America’s political landscape? We do not yet know, but it is coming. In my blog’s Prophecy category, my posts have discussed several issues which could lead to the collapse of not just America’s political/economic/monetary system, but that of the entire current global system. The polls cited reveal the American people’s disgust with their leaders is growing. This situation needs only a single compelling scandal or event to set off sweeping changes. When the time is right on his timetable, God will cause this tectonic change to occur. It is my hope and prayer that the American people will wake up to the reality of God’s existence and sovereignty and a return to the Christian values that made our nation great and which brought God’s favor on our people. However, there is no guarantee how the changes will unfold. I will close with this personal thought: If federal agents had opened fire on the armed Americans who were rallying in support of a rancher named Bundy in Nevada and both Americans and federal agents had been killed, I believe the anger of the American people toward their government would have shot upward. I’m glad that confrontation ended bloodlessly.