Many readers may not have noticed a poll that was released in early July, 2014, but which received minimal publicity or discussion among the “talking heads” on TV news programs. The poll revealed that Americans believed that Barack Obama is the worst president of the USA since World War II. I thought I’d pass this information on to those domestic and foreign readers of this blog¬†that may not have read about this poll. It is discussed and examined in the two links below.It is worth noting that this poll was conducted before the ISIL/ISIS and Ukrainian crisis became greater international events and front-page news. Obama hasn’t exactly distinguished himself in either crisis. If the poll was repeated today, I suspect even more Americans would regard him as the worst president since World War II.

For those wondering about my views, I would vote that Obama was the worst American president since World War II. My choice for second-worst president would be Jimmy Carter. My vote for the best president since World War II would be Ronald Regan, the first-place choice of most Americans. Personally, I do not think Harry Truman gets enough credit for his job as president. It took immense courage and sense of responsibility to drop the atomic bombs that ended World War II. He had to be willing to make a terribly hard choice: take the lives of over a hundred thousand Japanese in the two bombings or conduct a conventional invasion of Japan which would have cost millions of lives, with even greater casualties for both the Japanese and American sides. I think he deserves a higher ranking.