It has been a long time since I gave readers an update on my personal situation, so I feel an obligation to update my previous posts on this topic.
First the good news. A medical specialist found that I have collapsed foot arches, and have likely had them for many decades (I was diagnosed with flat feet as a teenager). This condition has resulted in bone spurs forming on my big toes where they join the feet and the weight-bearing tests indicated that my toe regions were bearing the weight of a 500 pound man due to improperly-balanced weight distributions on my feet. This was causing a lot of pain in my feet, which has been substantially relieved by my now using prescription shoes and prescription orthotics for my feet. Also, a routine dermatological exam located a “suspicious” mole on my back, but when the surgeon began to cut it out, an aggressive and malignant cancer was revealed with several outgrowths from the main cancerous body. It took an hour of surgical cutting and about 20 stitches to close the incision, but the lab report shows they “got it all.” The pain from this condition was nil. As a result of this experience, I urge all readers with a family history of skin cancer to get regular check-ups.
On the other side of the equation, I have not recovered from the concussion injury and the lower-back injuries I sustained about two years ago. My lower-back pain is constant and often severe, and even prescription painkillers and muscle-relaxers have had little effect on the pain levels. For a time I had to use a cane and could not drive a car. I no longer need a cane and can drive, but the lower back pain is a 24/7 condition that is very limiting re: what I can do and it also greatly drains my energy levels. Traveling and speaking (which I once did prolifically) are out of the question until I am healed. Trigger-point massage therapy has limited the pain and helped prevent it from spreading to more areas of the body. These two injuries have exacerbated three previous near-fatal injuries I sustained in my past medical history. The lower back pain is, by far, my most limiting pain as it affects almost everything I do. Its amazing how we take for granted endless little body motions that require us to simply bend over. For two years, such simply motions have caused moderate to excruciating pain.
I’ve also had increasing pain in my left hand, which obviously makes keyboard work difficult. Two steroid shots and one out-patient surgery have had minimal pain-relieving effect, and a surgeon has informed me that major reconstructive surgery may be needed on my left hand to remove a bone in my left palm which has two bone-spurs on it. It is the bone my thumb bone attaches to, so my thumb would need to be repositioned and essentially rebuilt in a way that physical therapy would be needed for some time. If this is necessary, I would have to take a break from working at my website for a time. Also, my tinnitus (ear-ringing) has remained and, as I’m sure other tinnitus sufferers among readers would attest, this condition can be most distracting and aggravating.
I deeply want to be much more active on my website, again responding to readers’ emailed questions, writing more in-depth articles and even more books, but those things are impossible until my pain levels are dramatically reduced. It has taken all my energy to continue blogging. I realize I have been largely inaccessible to those who wish to offer questions and comments regarding my writings or wish to reach me for radio interviews, and I apologize for this situation. Believe me, I’d far prefer to be able to devote time to responding to these requests as I used to do for years before the dual injuries of two years ago. 
Please pray that God will grant rapid healing of my infirmities and that my pain levels will drop dramatically and that he would heal me entirely. I very much want to do more on my website and in life activities, but am greatly limited at present. The constant lower-back pains which shoot down the backs of my legs are my worst pain. I’ve tried acupuncture, reflexology, homeopathic and naturopathic options, physical therapy regimens, etc. in an effort to assist my body’s healing. I’ve spent a lot of money with little to show for it so far. I’ve just about come to the conclusion that only God can heal me, so I very much solicit your prayers for my healing so I can be fully active in life and in writing again as I once was able to easily do.