This post is to let readers know that due to a family matter, I will soon take a hiatus from blogging.

My 90 year-old mother is currently in hospice care in a nursing home that involves an 80 mile round-trip to visit her. She experienced kidney/liver failure a few days ago and has been declining steadily ever since. Her condition is terminal, according to the doctors. Indeed, it may not be long now. I visited her this afternoon and she was unresponsive with labored breathing. I’m sure many readers have gone through this same process with their parents or other loved ones and understand that a time of grieving is drawing near for me, my family and my siblings. In the near future, I’ll be involved with funeral arrangements, settling my mother’s affairs, etc., and I will not be blogging during that time. When this process is concluded, I’ll resume blogging.

My Mom has had a full life with seven children, fourteen grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. She grew up on a farm during the Great Depression in rural South Dakota and when she was a child, church services at the country Lutheran church she attended were still conducted in Norwegian. In her childhood, transportation was mostly via horse and buggy. She became a chiropractor and practiced jointly with my father for over fifty years. My father died a decade ago.

If my Mom lingers for a time, I may post yet again before her passing. However, I wanted to let all readers know in advance why I will soon be absent from blogging for a time. For those who have not done so, I suggest you access the archives of my blog and use the “search” feature to locate old posts that are on topics of interest to you during my blogging hiatus.

I also request that those readers who email me with some frequency to refrain from emailing me during this impending hiatus as I will not be on my computer for days and my email inbox could “overflow” with more emails than my computer’s inbox can handle.

Thanks to everyone for their prayers for my mother, Theresa Collins, for me and for my family during this time.