This post is for the purpose of requesting prayers from readers for personal health issues which are making it harder for me to do the research and writing necessary for this website. My needs are four-fold: (A) relief from continual, increasing pains and general weaknesses in my body from the effects of three major injuries during my life. The injuries occurred decades ago, and the worst pains are in my neck, arms, lower back, legs and hands, (B) healing from a case of tinnitus which has vexed me for 14 months. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears and my case started suddenly at a loud level in January, 2010. The ear-ringing has continued ever since with only very short periods of remission. It is getting increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything with this continual racket in my ears, and this inhibits my ability to write, attend events where loud sounds are heard, etc. (C) The third item is that the continual pains and tinnitus are very exhausting in terms of draining my emotional and mental energy levels. (D) I have also suffered anxiety attacks for decades from a case of PTSD and the medication for that condition is losing its effectiveness and may actually now be counterproductive. Medical doctors are trying to find a new medication for the PTSD-related anxiety which will not make my tinnitus worse.

Medical specialists say there is nothing more they can do for the tinnitus and many pain-killing and other prescription and non-prescription drugs make tinnitus worse so it is hard to find any painkilling medication that will work for me. I am currently pursuing treatment for the above afflictions with acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, biofeedback, etc. so I am doing everything possible from a holistic approach at the present time. My close friends are praying for these conditions to be healed, but I have decided to ask all readers of this website for their prayers in hopes that the corporate prayers of a large body of believers will hasten my healing. I have tried many treatment options for tinnitus already and have spent considerable sums of money on a wide variety of tinnitus treatment pills, drops, etc. without significant improvement. I will soon be attempting one more treatment option which is available from a source in the United Kingdom. I mention this to discourage a wave of suggestions from readers about tinnitus treatment options as I think I’ve already tried or heard of every conceivable treatment option. While I will continue to do what I can, I think prayer is the most effective real treatment option at this point.

I would very much appreciate the prayers of those who read and benefit from the materials posted at this website that our Heavenly Father would personally intervene and heal the above conditions so I can continue to offer a regular stream of new information at my website. One possible treatment option is a partial or complete Sabbatical from writing in the hopes that a prolonged rest might promote healing. With so much going on in the world, I want to keep giving biblically-based information to the readers of my website, but my need for healing is so pressing and urgent that I may have to consider the Sabbatical option to see if it will help. Obviously, I am in consultation with my doctors about this possibility.

In conclusion, I greatly appreciate the prayers of all of you for Divine mercy and the healing of the aforementioned afflictions so I can continue my efforts at this website without interruption.