As readers of this blog realize, I rarely write about myself or my personal circumstances. My posts examine ancient history from the perspective of the ten tribes of Israel or analyze modern current events in light of rapidly-unfolding biblical prophecies. This blog is a rare exception as I will offer readers an insight into my personal circumstances.

Some readers may have noticed that PayPal icons were recently placed on my website and blogsite. A few people have made donations via this method and there was one reader who made a very generous one.  All of us are used to on-line “money appeals,” but mine will be different as I will take readers of this blog into my confidence and let you know why donations are critically important at this time.

While I wish I had the money to freely devote the time I do to researching and writing about biblically-important topics, I also have to pay the bills like everyone else. As many readers know, I have offered my research efforts and blog perspectives for free for a long time at this website. I’m sure readers have seen many “religious” or “church” websites which offer a variety of products for sale. I’ve wanted to avoid having to do this, but because of imminent financial realities, I may be forced to make a change in this regard because I receive no financial support from any church or organization. Currently, I am in divorce mediation and the eventual settlement will result in the loss of approximately half my current financial assets. Thankfully, my soon-to-be ex-wife and I are doing this as amicably as we can and hope to resolve all issues via mediation. Agreement on most issues has already been achieved, but we are still not at a final settlement. I’ve never been through divorce before, and I now empathize with all of you readers who have had to go through this difficult process yourselves! I never previously understood what divorced people went through. Now I do.

However, the imminent loss of a large portion of my financial assets means that I will need to justify where I devote my time and energies as I try to rebuild my personal and financial life. As many of you realize, I already live on a disability status due to chronic pain and complications form a near-fatal accident many years ago, so I’ll just say that “life is challenging” right now and leave it at that. I will be relying on God to lead me into a better and brighter future, and Jeremiah 29:11 offers me a great deal of comfort in that regard.

Here’s the situation. While I love devoting considerable time to doing articles, blogs, etc. on biblical topics, my website and blog postings will have to generate more income if I am to continue devoting so much time to it. Luke 10:7 states “laborers are worthy of their hire,” and if my website and blogs have given you edifying and useful information, I hope that you will make a decision to financially support my efforts. If enough people make donations to support this website, I’ll be able to continue devoting a considerable portion of my time to bringing readers a variety of information and insights on biblical subjects. One other possibility is to continue to offer my articles, speeches, related links, etc. as free items to all, but charge an annual membership fee for accessing the blogs. I’d prefer not to do that, but my impending financial situation requires I consider all such options.

Those who wish to make a donation to support my continued website efforts and blogs can do so easily by clicking on the PayPal icon at my website/blogsite and making a donation (of any size) via a credit card. If any are able to make regular donations, it will be most appreciated. If others can make one-time donations, they will also be equally appreciated. I mentioned above that one reader made a very generous donation via PayPal. I sent to that donor signed and personalized copies of my entire 4-book set which documents and reveals the history of the ten tribes of Israel from God’s initial calling of Abraham, throughout the Israelites’ migrations and empires during the following millennia and into their current locations among the modern nations. I’ll also send signed and personalized copies of my entire 4-book set to all those who make donations of $500 or more. That might make me sound like a PBS spokesman during their various fund-drives, but it is at least something I can do to show my appreciation to those who make especially generous donations.

Finally, as noted on my home page, donations to me are not tax-deductible. However, due to this status, I am free to write whatever I wish due to the U.S. Constitution’s  First Amendment. Those entities which have tax-deductible status also have certain government-imposed speech limits placed upon them, and they may have even more restrictions placed on them in the future. As long as I am writing or blogging at this website, I will not be muzzled by such restrictions, and I’ll be able to offer readers unhindered analysis and timely warnings as we progress deeper into the “latter days” of our current age on this earth.

Website traffic has been increasing considerably in the last few months. Thanks to all of you for reading!