This personal post is to inform readers of an injury I just experienced and that there will be a reduced blogging schedule as a result.

A few days ago, I was asked to hold a very large, strong dog on a leash while its dog-minder went briefly elsewhere. I opened my back garage door to take it to my back yard where it could walk around, and an unexpected injury quickly occurred. I did not realize it when I opened the door but a rabbit was right outside that door. It saw the dog and bolted. The dog saw the rabbit and bolted…with me still strongly holding the leash. As I turned around, the leash lost all slack in it and it was like I was propelled on a rocket sled. I was literally lifted off my feet and propelled to whatever speed the dog was going. I quickly released my grip on the leash as soon as I realized what was happening, but my legs couldn’t possibly keep up with the speed my body was then going. I tumbled head-over-heels for about 30 feet and landed hard on the right side of my body and head–leaving a trail of pens and items that had been flung out of my pockets behind me.

Since then, it has become more painful to do even simple things. Yesterday, I went to an acute-care facility and the doctor simply said “This isn’t pretty” as soon as he saw the many x-rays they took. He said I needed a CT scan to look for hairline fractures in my cervical vertebrae and that I’d need targeted physical therapy as well. Obviously, I’m on a prescription painkiller. Getting in or out of bed is extremely painful so I’m sleeping as best I can in a recliner. I see a new doctor on Thursday, and we’ll go on from there. As many readers already know, I’ve been on a medical retirement for many years due to a nearly-fatal injury decades ago that left me with on-going injuries and pain. Another injury like this is the last thing I needed or wanted.

I thought I’d inform readers about this as it hurts considerably more to keep my neck in a fixed position for long (as in doing computer work). I’ll make an effort to blog periodically as there is so much going on in the world. However, what I post will be shorter than usual for an unspecified time. If readers are moved to pray for a speedy and thorough recovery as well as pain relief for me, I’d very much appreciate it. Also, I’d appreciate prayers for my daughter, age 25, who has had two surgeries already for early-onset endometriosis and is in a great deal of pain from this condition and can’t work due to her condition. I’ve been her caregiver as needed, and we are currently awaiting a referral for her to the Mayo clinic for further evaluation and assistance. If she receives the referral, I was going to drive her to that clinic, but right now, I’m not up to driving very far at all. Thanks for those prayers!