This post is for the purposes of passing on an important news item that hasn’t been seen by many people, in my opinion. The first link reports that the US Pentagon has been pressuring the government of Egypt to protect Christians living in Egypt. Few realize that 10% of the Egyptian population is composed of Christians.
Since these Christians (Coptic Christians) have supported the move by the Egyptian military to oust the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian military has an obvious motive for protecting the Coptic Christians: the Christians will cast about 10% of the total vote whenever the nation of Egypt has new elections. They are a large voting bloc, and the Egyptian military would be acting in its own future interest to lock in these votes for their eventual favored candidate by protecting Egyptian Christians and their churches.
It is noteworthy that the US Pentagon is acting to protect Egyptian Christians. There is no mention in the link that President Obama has either participated in or approved this effort. Did the Pentagon act without White House involvement in acting to help Egyptian Christians? If so, good for them! The US military has to be very careful about its political relationships with the US Congress, and must act responsively to its wishes as well. Under the US Constitution, the Congress can declare war, but the president cannot do so. Also, the US Congress decides the funding and salaries each year for the Pentagon and all the armed forces. President Obama does not make that decision. Therefore, the US military actually serves three masters. The president is the Commander-in-Chief, the Congress decides the military’s funding and its salaries and the uniformed military services also take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  
As everyone knows, I’m sure, Obama and the Congress cannot get their act together in governing the United States of America. The showdown over cutting Obamacare and federal spending levels makes that quite plain. However, the Constitution’s content does not change. The US military members always know they must be loyal to its oath to protect the Constitution. Some may not realize it, but there is a website catering to current and former members of the uniformed services who take their Constitutional oath very seriously. Their website is See the second link and third link. I think you will find it interesting! I think you will find this website has some other articles which you will find most interesting.