A few days ago, I posted a notice that the Pay Pal functions at my website were temporarily off-line. Today, I can inform all visitors to the website that the Pay Pal functions are again active!

Those wishing to obtain copies of my printed books about the comprehensive history of the ten tribes of Israel or my E-book on the same subject can now do so via Pay Pal at the website. The books are available for review and ordering at the home page.

Also, those wishing to make donations to help support my website are again able to click on a “Donate” button and make such donations. My website is sponsored by no church denomination, organization or person, so it is entirely reader-supported. This allows me to have a completely independent viewpoint on all biblical-relevant prophetic topics involving current events as well as historical information and discoveries. Those donating $30 or more in a month are given access to the Bonus Links for that month (they are emailed to donors). The Bonus Links cover many different topics. Since it is impossible to post on all worthy topics in our very active geopolitical world, the Bonus Links offer information not available at the general website.