Steven Collins
September 22, 2008
Today’s print version of the USA Today had a piece of information on its front page that just about made me choke on my breakfast. Its front-page, above-the-fold story was “Amid urgency, questions grow about $700B bailout.” It had a prominent sidebar entitled “Who’s in Charge?” The text in the sidebar about this bailout plan’s provisions stated: “Treasury Secretary’s decisions would be ‘non-reviewable’ and ‘may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency,’ plan says.” Do you grasp the apocalyptic import of these words?
The gargantuan bailout plan (which the White House is trying to get Congress to pass quickly before they realize what it actually will do to the nation), apparently gives limitless power to Sec. Henry Paulson. He would be “above the law” and would be “above the courts” and have more authority than the federal government’s own agencies, if the USA Today article is factually correct. I went to the USA Today’s website and found out the story had been “spiked” from its own website! I could not find the USA Today’s own lead story at its website even though I searched for it by name, by subject and by its authors (who were Sue Kirchoff, Barbara Hagenbaugh and Paul Davidson). Even a Google-search turned up nothing in the establishment media.  When a major media spikes its own lead story, it is often because they “let out” something the masses were not supposed to know.
Keep in mind that the sweeping authority to be granted to Sec. Paulson may have some limits placed on him in the actual language of the bill, but that it not known at this point. The fact that the information was quickly “hushed up” argues that the bill’s language is hardly benign for the American people or the nation. In its worst case application (the one asserted in the language cited in the USA TODAY), Sec. Henry Paulson would, in effect, become the “Receiver” who will begin to oversee the national bankruptcy of the entire USA…and his decisions would not be appealable in “any court of law” or by “any administrative agency” (to use the exact USA TODAY language). Sec. Paulson would essentially be able to rule the nation by “executive orders” that would overrule even President Bush because Bush is in charge of federal “administrative agencies,” but the bailout bill would exalt Paulson over all such federal agencies.
Paulson’s first decree might be to shut down the first amendment, forbidding all media and press to report anything about the economy or monetary system that was not pre-approved by his office. Those who defied that order might find out that Paulson would next repeal the Constitutional right of Habeas Corpus. What if Paulson decided that the 2nd amendment right to “own an bear arms” was a “risk to his administration” and he ordered confiscation of all firearms owned by the public? After all, if Paulson is the Receiver over a national bankruptcy, he could liquidate any private American assets to satisfy foreign debts. Since a few million armed American property owners would resist this effort, Paulson might ban forearms ownership to make sure his “repo” men aren’t fired upon. Has anyone told the NRA about Paulson’s apparently limitless power grab?
To do all this, someone whose decrees “may not be reviewed by any court of law” may decide to nationalize all police forces to enforce all his dictatorial decrees. Hello to the new Gestapo? Could he simply “cancel elections” because they might “threaten his authority” (remember his decisions would be “non-reviewable” by anyone). If the USA Today’s report is literally true as reported, Henry Paulson would become Dictator over the USA. We would have our own American “Fuhrer.”
Over the weekend, Goldman-Sachs and Morgan-Stanley were magically transformed by the wizards at the Fed into “Bank Holding Companies” so they could become regular banks instead of “investment banks.” They could become the banks which Paulson could use to liquate American assets to pay off all foreign banks. Think this is an outlandish possibility? Media reports indicate the bail-out bill would also permit Paulson’s “bailout” to include foreign banks with operations inside the USA. What a slippery slope we are on.
Let’s hope this all gets stopped by a Congress which, at last, finds its brains and backbone to act in the interests of the voters and the nation. If allowing Sec. Paulson to become a “god” over the USA who is above all laws and agencies of the government sounds like a bad idea to you, I strongly urge you (right away!) to contact your state’s senators and your congressional representatives to oppose this bailout which gives Sec. Paulson (or anyone else) such dictatorial powers over the entire nation. If this happens, the United States of America, as we know it, may be flushed down the toilet by an act of a Congress which acts on this bailout before it knows what it is really approving! The US dollar could also lose its international reserve currency status and be replaced by a  new form of “world money.” If Paulson has limitless authority, he can decree the dollar out of existence and replace it with a new “world currency.” Congress may think it is “giving an inch” to Sec. Paulson, but he intends to “take a mile” from Congress.
A websearch can find blogs and stories confirming the White House’s desire to give Sec. Paulson dictatorial powers. I’ve attached two such links below. I’m not making this up. Do a websearch for “Paulson’s decisions to be “non-reviewable,” and check it out for yourself. That’s how I found the two links below.
Bible prophecy warns that a global (and evil) monetary/economic system will be imposed on the nations in the latter days. Revelation 13: prophesies that a “beast” system will come into being with global authority and that it will have controlling powers over the money system and economic transactions (verses 16-18). The current power-grab by Sec. Paulson may be thwarted in Congress, but if it comes to pass, we may be seeing the arrival of the “beast” system.
Now let’s consider who benefits from the bail-out powers given to Sec. Paulson. Sec. Paulson is a former top executive of Goldman-Sachs. Goldman’s old firm is one of the Wall Street crowd which caused the sub-prime mortgage collapse by inventing the “securitization” of mortgage loans. Wall Street “securitized” all kinds of loans (mortgage, auto, credit card, etc.), and also allowed mega-trillions of derivatives to be created without regulatory oversight. If Congress grants Sec. Paulson authority which cannot be challenged by either courts or federal agencies, he can essentially “pardon” all his Wall Street buddies from the sins they have committed against the nations and its taxpayers. In appointing Sec. Paulson as National Receiver, Congress would be appointing one of the Wall Street “foxes” which has already looted much of the “chicken coop.”  Consider who else would gain from this action.
If Sec. Paulson is appointed de facto “Receiver” to liquidate the USA’s assets to pay its foreign debts, he would (as all Receivers do) represent the interests of the creditors. Who is the largest foreign holder of US debts? China! Sec. Paulson has made, according to media reports, well over a 100 trips to China. Do we see a connection here? Sec. Paulson could act as China’s designated “repo” man to seize America’s assets if Congress is foolish enough to make him “a law unto himself.” From all his visits to China, it is obvious that Sec. Paulson knows the leaders of the Communist Chinese Party (which governs China) really, really well by now.
A book I purchased a few years ago at was entitled “Unrestricted Warfare: China’s Master Plan to Destroy America.” It was an English-language version of a document drawn up by two Colonels (Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui) in the People’s Liberation Army of China re: how China could defeat and take over the USA via asymmetric warfare. It advocates that China wage economic and financial warfare against the USA as well as wage electronic warfare vs. the USA via computer hacking efforts vs. sensitive US defense and business information networks. This has already happened. China has bought up close to a trillion dollars of US debt, gaining massive influence over the US economy and monetary system. China has hacked into many sensitive US electronic systems (as previous blogs have documented–see Archives). China’s overall goal, as is clear in this Chinese book, is to so weaken the USA that it collapses from an economic, social and monetary crisis that China (and its allies Russia, Iran, etc.) do not need to conquer the USA and the West militarily. They want the USA to fall into their lap like “ripe fruit.” If Paulson gets dictatorial powers from Congress, China may get its wish.
However, Ezekiel 38 indicates that Russia, China, Iran and their many allies will have to invade the USA and the West (called “Israel” in Ezekiel’s the prophecy because the USA and many European nations are descended from the ten tribes of Israel–as readers of my books already know) to seize our assets and physical wealth (Ezekiel 38:12-13). According to this prophecy, China and Russia do not wish to “nuke” the USA, they want to come and occupy it and seize its wealth. Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about a Russian-Chinese invasion of the USA could take form as a “foreclosure raid” by foreign creditors. Americans could also learn that excessive debt owed to foreigners can be as dangerous as an invading foreign army. Check out my article (What Kind of Captivity?”) which explains the origins of the Babylonian economic system and how debt could have been responsible for many of the “captivities” the Israelites experienced in the book of Judges; wherein, they became slaves to foreigners while living in their own Promised Land. The same could happen to Americans today, especially if Sec. Paulson gets dictatorial powers to transfer America’s assets to America’s foreign creditors.