Hi Steve

I met you at the Feast in Baraboo Wisc. a few years back.

I came across an article trying to discredit the Dead Sea scrolls. As I thought about what they had to say I realized what they may have actually discovered was the critical role Parthian scholars played in the preservation of God’s word.I thought you might like a copy, for which I need some kind of address.

I understand someone is trying to make an epic roots type movie of these things. Sounds very important.

Max Rambow



I recall your name. I have not previously heard of a possible Parthian connection to the Dead Sea scrolls, but I would be happy to take a look at the material you mentioned. You may send it to: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735.

The possible movie/documentary that you have heard about is likely the one being considered by Lamp Fire Films (www.LampFireFilms.com). Funds are currently being raised for the project.