This is a very important development in global geopolitics and it has very unfavorable implications for the USA, India and their allies. As you read about this, ask yourself if you heard or read anything about this extremely-important event on what are called “news” TV channels in the USA.
Pakistan, which has been called an “ally” of the USA in the “war on terrorism” has just thrown in its lot with China and dumped the USA as an ally. In truth, I don’t think the Pakistani-American alliance has actually existed for some time, but both nations were willing to pretend it was an alliance as long as Pakistan did a few favors for the USA (such as allowing the USA to supply its troops in Afghanistan via an arduous overland route via Pakistan) in exchange for billions of dollars from the USA–which were likely fantasy dollars turned into real dollars by the legerdemain of the US Federal Reserve Board. The US-Pakistani alliance, like a really bad marriage, is now coming apart. Pakistan has a new ally and partner–Communist China. The Pakistan’s leader declared to the Chinese leader that the new Chinese-Pakistani friendship is “higher than the Himalayas and deeper than the deepest sea in the world, and sweeter than honey.” That language is so affectionate I think these two nations “ought to get a room.”
The first link gives part of the details regarding this new alliance. Pakistan and China have agreed to build a massive, strategically-important link between China and Pakistan. This will create a direct land-link from China across Central Asia to the new Chinese-built port at Gwadar, Pakistan. This port, the subject of previous posts, is located just east of the Strait of Hormuz on the Arabian Sea–a large body of water joining the Indian Ocean. This new project will build “highways, rail lines and energy pipelines” connecting China to the Pakistani port of Gwadar. As the first link notes, this will enable China to reach the oil-rich Persian Gulf region without having to pass through the Indian Ocean at all–bypassing all military barriers that the Indian and US Navy could set up on any maritime route. This massive project will give China much better access to minerals and raw materials being shipped to China from Africa as well. Obviously, Chinese troops, tanks, warplanes, cruise missiles and military equipment of all kinds can be shipped along this route to Gwadar to be positioned just east of the Strait of Hormuz. Since China is a strategic ally with Russia, Russia could also have its long-desired direct access to a warm-water port on the Indian Ocean for its goods and military equipment as well.
This pact should make everyone in India and the USA very nervous. This project represents a massive commitment by China to a strategic alliance with Pakistan. It will require the building of a “200 km-long tunnel” through high mountains according to the second link. This massive a tunnel could also be secretively linked to the extensive network of tunnels already existing in China (as a previous post discussed). This project, when completed, will allow China to resupply Pakistan quickly in any future war with India and for Chinese troops and equipment to flow to India’s western flank in any future Chinese-Indian war. This massive economic/military cooperation pact leaves the USA and India out in the cold. It will make the oil supply from the Persian Gulf to the western nations subject to passing under the guns of the Chinese military forces that will eventually be located at Gwadar. It will also make an alliance between India and the USA even more imperative for both nations. I hope that there is someone in the Obama administration that is capable of understanding the above facts. China has just outmaneuvered Obama and the USA…big time.
For years, I have written that Ezekiel 38 prophesied that Pakistan and Afghanistan will eventually be allied to Russia, China and Iran in an anti-American, anti-western alliance in the biblical “latter days” called the “Gog-Magog” alliance. I based that conclusion on the fact that Ezekiel 38:5 prophesied that “Cush” (or “Kush”) would be part of this alliance (the King James Version translates “Cush” merely as “Ethiopia”–a misleading translation), and that the Hindu-Kush mountains are located in Pakistan and Afghanistan (also an Al Queda and Taliban stronghold). That conclusion has just been shown to be a true one. Expect Afghanistan to also fall into the anti-western orbit sometime after the US leaves that unhappy nation.
I hope the USA can get most of its vital military equipment out of Afghanistan before it becomes impossible to do so.