My October 1st and 3rd blog posts were about the growing confrontation between the USA and Pakistan re: the Afghan War. This situation continues to get worse, and an open breach between these nations appears inevitable. When that open breach occurs, the Afghan War will be lost. American leaders may not want to believe it right away, but that will be the reality they will have to face.

Ever since the Pakistanis blocked a critical supply route to US forces in Afghanistan in retaliation for an American helicopter killing of Pakistani border guards, there have been waves of attacks against tanker truck convoys bringing fuel to US forces via Pakistani territory. These convoys have been attacked in various places in Pakistan, and the latest such attack is reported in the first link below. It describes 29 oil tankers being set ablaze (the largest loss of oil tankers I’ve read about so far). These repeated attacks show that Pakistan is not in any hurry to protect any of these convoys passing through their nation to the US forces in Afghanistan. Even when the blocked border passage is reopened to truck convoys bringing supplies to US forces, it is now apparent that all truck convoys winding their way through Pakistan to US forces in Afghanistan are vulnerable. As drivers of these fuel tankers are killed and wounded, fewer and fewer people will be willing to take on this risky job. The supply line for the US war in Afghanistan is now very tenuous, indeed.

The second link, an analysis from the Wall Street Journal, reports that Pakistan’s own intelligence service, the ISI, is urging Taliban chieftains to attack US forces in Afghanistan. If this report is true, then Pakistan is actually a hostile nation which is only pretending to be an ally as long as the US shovels aid money to the Pakistani government. As my October 1st blog post noted, Pakistan is what Hosea 8:9 would refer to as a “hired lover.” Real allies are nations and people who fight on your side without receiving any money for doing so. If the USA cuts off all aid money to Pakistan, we will find out what kind of “ally” Pakistan really is. In the cold realities of superpower politics, the USA cannot have both Pakistan and India as allies as those nations are bitter rivals. The USA’s international interests demand that India be its strategic ally. Pakistan is only needed as an “ally” as long as the Obama administration chooses to waste American blood, money and resources fighting a war in Afghanistan that lacks any clear strategic mission or objective.

The third link examines Turkey’s continuing drift away from the USA, NATO and the West; and into the arms of China and Iran (two major nations of the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38-39). This link repots that Turkey and China conducted joint air force exercises on Turkish soil recently. This is (as far as I know) the first time that warplanes from Communist China have conducted joint wargames with a NATO member on NATO soil! It is noteworthy that China’s warplanes traveled to Turkey via Pakistan and Iran. Turkey is also now jointly working with China on weapon systems. I think we are seeing where the loyalties of Turkey and Pakistan truly lie. This link also reports that China has an army of 60,000 computer hackers working against China’s present and future enemies and rivals. One of the foremost targets of these hackers, as previous blogs have documented in media reports, is the USA.

I fully expect that Pakistan will be in the Gog-Magog alliance when it attacks the western nations and their allies in the future. Ezekiel 38:5 states “Cush” will be part of the Gog-Magog alliance, and the name “Cush” is stamped on both the nations of Afghanistan and Pakistan as the Hindu Kush Mountains are found in both nations. The KJV of the Bible translates the Hebrew word for Cush as “Ethiopia,” but the Cushites are found in both Asia and Africa.  I regard Turkey as an Edomite nation descended from Esau, the son of Isaac. Turkey’s previous name was the Ottoman Empire, and the word “Ottoman” has the same consonants as the Edomite nation of Teman (Genesis 36:8-11, 34). No Edomite nation is mentioned specifically in Ezekiel 38 as an ally of the Gog-Magog alliance, so there is still hope that the next government of Turkey will return to the pro-western, secular Ataturk tradition that formerly guided Turkey in the modern era. However, the longer Turkey drifts into the arms of Iran and China, the more likely it is that it will stay there. Since Turkey is cavorting with China and Iran while it is still technically a NATO member, the other members of NATO better not share any intelligence information with Turkey that NATO does not want passed along to China, Iran and Russia.