At this time of year, many Christians are observing the events involving the birth of Jesus Christ. Previous writings and audio messages of mine have addressed the many unappreciated historical facts about the visit of the Wise Men/Magi to the young Christ-child. There is so much more to this visit than a superficial reading of the scriptures in Matthew 2 reveals. The visit of the Wise Men to the young Jesus and his family was an international event that had a major impact on the relations between the two most powerful empires of that time: Rome and Parthia. The Bible also does not limit the number of Wise Men to only three noble visitors (the full caravan of the Wise Men was very large). Combining the biblical accounts with known secular histories of the time reveals just what an epic and unexpected visit of nobility this was! Why did the entire city of Jerusalem, from King Herod to the average people on the streets, become troubled and afraid because of this visit (Matthew 2:3)? Also, there are various theories about  the “star” that guided the Wise Men to the young Christ-child. The Bible’s account indicates Herod and his astrologers saw no exploding supernova or celestial event at all. What “star” could literally stand over a young child inside a home (Matthew 2:9-11)?

The above questions were all answered in a post I did years ago, and the information never gets “dated” so I am re-posting it for newer visitors to my blog. Also, please note that at the end of the second post is a link that offers free access to many pages of my books which go into great detail in answering the historical/biblical questions mentioned above. I invite you to read that entire link–it will increase your faith to see how harmonious the biblical accounts and the secular histories of the time really are.