Do you have any articles specific to the true origins of our country’s Seal?  There is much speculation about the emblem whether it’s origins are from Masonic background or Biblical background. 

Thank you, 


Dear Marti,
I do not have an article about our nation’s national seal, but I’m sure you could do a websearch and locate a variety of links with differing perspectives on the matter.
It is not known to me whether there was any Masonic influence on the design of the USA’s crest. However, I believe the Creator guided the design of the crest to exhibit numerous clues that the USA is linked to the Israelite tribe of Manasseh in the modern world. In my book, Israel’s Tribes Today, I include a discussion of the significance of the number “13” as it appears on our crest because the number 13 is associated with the tribe of Manasseh. Genesis 48:5-20 discusses a blessing ceremony in which the two sons of Joseph were each given a separate tribe among the other sons of Jacob/Israel. This resulted in there being 13 tribes of Israel instead of the previous 12. Since Ephraim was blessed with Jacob/Israel’s right hand and had the first blessing, Ephraim would have the primary blessing of Joseph and would be the 12th tribe. However, Manasseh was “grandfathered in” with a tribal blessing of its own, making it the 13th tribe of Israel. The USA’s nation crest has an eagle holding 13 berries, 13 olive leaves and 13 arrows in its talons. There are 13 stars, 13 stripes on the shield and 13 letters in the slogan. Obviously, the USA began with 13 colonies. I believe the number 13 was Divinely-stamped on our nation in multiple ways in order to give many clues re: our national linkage to the Israelite tribe of Manasseh.