Pictured above: “A scheduled visit by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to the party conference of the conservative Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) on Friday highlighted policy differences between members of a potential “grand coalition” in Germany, notably with regard to refugees.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has won a huge landslide victory in his quest for re-election in Hungary’s national elections on Sunday. His smashing win has important ramifications that will impact nations throughout the EU, and, in what will be a surprise to many, within Germany itself. The first three links describe Orban’s victory from various perspectives. The first link, from the Wall Street Journal, notes that Orban directed the construction of a 100 mile-long barbed-wire double fence along Hungary’s southern border to keep immigrants from spilling into Hungary from Serbia (an event covered in a previous post when it was built). This fence has reduced illegal immigration into Hungary to a tiny trickle, and it was evidently hugely popular with Hungary’s voters as the high-turnout election confirmed. The second link is from the leftist New York Times which largely mourns Orban’s election and criticizes him for vigorously opposing international financier, George Soros. The third link is from a source which applauds Orban’s resistance to George Soros.

Hungary’s experience proves that “walls do work,” which should encourage those Americans who support President Trump’s desire to build a wall at the US-Mexican border to stop illegal immigration, drug-smuggling, and would-be terrorists. The fourth link shows what Hungary’s border fencing looks like, and a similar fencing arrangement at the US-Mexican border would be quite effective without costing anywhere near what a tall, cement-like wall would cost.

The fifth link should prove very interesting to many readers. One of the first international figures to congratulate Mr. Orban on his re-election victory was the German Interior Minister, Horst Seehofer. As I pointed out in my recent post about the precarious state of the new German governing coalition, Mr. Seehofer is a leader of the anti-immigrant CSU party in Germany, the conservative party that is in the German governing coalition along with the leftist, pro-immigrant SPD party and the CDU party led by the pro-immigrant Chancellor Merkel. Orban’s landslide victory further shows how tenuous the German governing coalition really is. I’m sure the SPD leaders and Chancellor Merkel are mourning Orban’s huge victory even as the CSU’s Seehofer is celebrating it. Merkel’s hands are essentially tied in terms of punishing Seehofer. If she attempted such an action, Seehofer could withdraw the CSU from the governing coalition which would almost surely cause Merkel to lose a majority of support in the German Parliament and new German elections would ensue.

As an example of how like-minded Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban and German Interior Minister Seehofer have become, Seehofer invited Orban to be a guest at a convention of the CSU party in Germany not long ago (sixth link). If Seehofer ever became Germany’s Chancellor, he might very well lead Germany in the same direction Orban in leading Hungary.

I urge readers to watch events inside Europe very closely. The elites who structured the EU’s leadership to not be electable by or accountable to the people of Europe must be gnashing their teeth at the recent nationalist tide that is sweeping through European elections. The United Kingdom is in the slow process of leaving the EU altogether because of its Brexit vote, and the Italian electorate recently gave a variety of nationalistic, anti-immigrant, Euro-skeptic parties the vast majority of their votes. A new Italian government has yet to be formed, but the new Italian leader will surely come from within the rightist variety of parties who won the Italian election. The EU elites are practically waging a political war against the nationalist government of Poland. I don’t think the EU’s elitist leaders realize the trouble they are now in. Nation after European nation is rejecting the agendas of the Brussels bureaucrats, and this will ultimately lead to either the EU being reconstituted via a new EU Constitution that allows member nations to be more independent and nationalistic or the EU is going to steadily become unglued.

As many of my posts have warned, if the EU does collapse, it also could cause the Euro currency to collapse as well, which would lead to a sudden global financial crisis as so many loans, derivatives, trade deals, etc. are denominated in Euros. If the Euro becomes of suspect value or if EU nations begin to abandon the Euro and adopt their old national currencies, who will guarantee the integrity of the Euro? Who will be liable for the EU’s debts?  Revelation 17-18 in the Bible prophesy that in the latter days of our age, the global elites (Revelation 18:2-3) who have controlled the world’s political/financial power will experience a sudden and irreversible collapse (Revelation 17:16). However, the Bible’s prophecy reveals an insight into this future collapse that we will not see coming in media coverage. This collapse will not be an entirely unexpected event, it will be deliberately caused by an alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” who will hate the global elites and destroy their hold on power. These seven heads and ten horns may already be active behind the scenes. They will give authority to a new global political/financial system called, metaphorically, the “beast” system (Revelation 13, 17-18). Whenever this beast system takes shape, the final clock on the fulfillment of biblical prophecies will begin. The beast will have only 42 months to be in power before it and its leaders are destroyed by the armies of heaven when Jesus Christ returns (Revelation 19:11-20:4).

For an in-depth examination of the biblical prophecies cited above, please read my free articles, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a New Beast System? , and The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking SystemIf you read these articles, you will be surprised to learn how accurately the Bible’s end-time prophecies are being fulfilled in our modern time.

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