Ever since I heard about the extremely anti-American vote at the UN re: the moving of the American embassy to Israel to a location in Jerusalem, I’ve been angry. I’ve lived through decades of craven anti-Israeli and anti-American votes and actions at the UN and I have been conditioned over the years to realize that hypocrisy and cowardice run deep at the UN. However, I have finally “had enough,” and I think many millions of Americans feel the same way about the UN and all of our supposed “allies” who endlessly expect the USA to save them from invaders and bail them out during various calamities but who feel free to treat the USA with contempt at the UN. I’m in a decidedly “redneck” mood at the moment, and we may be at a real turning point for how the USA relates to the rest of the world at the UN and in all its relationships with other nations. The reason is that the rest of the world does not yet truly grasp that the White House is no longer a “testosterone free zone.” President Trump means it when he says his policy will be “America First.” He and the American Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, made it clear that there will be finally be consequences for opposing the USA at the UN. The nations of the world obviously didn’t believe they were serious.I think they were serious.

As I’m sure all readers realize, the USA’s Congress voted overwhelmingly years ago to move the American embassy in Israel to the city of Jerusalem. President Trump was not taking any kind of unilateral action in moving the US embassy to Jerusalem. He, as the nation’s chief executive, was simply implementing the will of Congress that this action be taken. Previous American presidents have delayed the move at six month intervals for years, but Trump decided that no more waivers would be issued.

The UN was warned by Ambassador Haley that there would be consequences for condemning the USA for simply exercising its sovereign right to put its embassy in the capital city of another nation. Let’s review the craven depths to which the nations that opposed the USA action have sunk. They like to fantasize that there is some kind of moral equivalency between the Israelis and the Palestinians. There is no such equivalency. The Palestinians have long paid bounties and pensions to the families of Palestinians who commit terrorist acts (including murders) against Israelis (first link). The UN yawns at this pro-terrorist stance by the Palestinian Authority (PA). What do you suppose would be the reaction from the whited sepulchers at the UN if the Israeli government paid pensions and bounties to Israeli citizens who killed Palestinians? The condemnation would be deafening if that occurred. Yet the UN and the vast majority of its member nations think it must be somehow OK for Palestinians to murder Israelis whenever they feel like doing so. If the UN had an ounce of backbone or honor, it would tell the PA in no uncertain terms: You have no right to send representatives to this body and you have no right to participate in any peace negotiations until you stop being an official sponsor of terrorism and stop rewarding terrorist acts with monetary payments. Yet that level of obvious sanity was far too high a bar for most UN nations to comprehend.

Traditional US allies voted to be allied to a terrorist-sponsoring entity (the PA) instead of supporting the ally who saved their nations’ sovereignty and freedom in World War II. Please check the list of nations in the second link to see how our “allies” voted at the UN on this extremely anti-American resolution sponsored by Turkey and Yemen. Among the nations that voted on the side of the terrorist-supporting PA were the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Norway (where most of my ancestors are from), the Netherlands, Lithuania, Estonia, Egypt, Japan, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Let’s just consider the profoundly feckless actions of these nations in light of their UN vote. It saddens me to have to write the following as I have been very  favorable toward many of these nations in my posts for years, but it is time to speak the truth about things.

France,  Norway and the Netherlands are all among a long list of nations who are free today only because there were many tens of thousands of Americans who gave their lives as soldiers for those nations to be freed from abject tyranny in World War II. Germany and Japan voted at the UN to support a terrorist-favoring entity instead of the USA too. As defeated Axis powers in World War II, they could have been turned into enslaved nations allowed to have no industry at all (as some powerful allied voices advocated). However, the USA mercifully rebuilt those nations and made them allies who are now the prosperous nations they are today. They owe it all to the USA–toward whom they just showed contempt at the UN. The United Kingdom would have been defeated by the Nazis if it had not been for massive US help for the British both before and after America’s entry into the war. Consider Russia. If it were not for the massive help the USA sent to Stalin’s Russia during World War II via Murmansk, Iran and across Siberia, Russia could not have fought off the Nazis either. It is too bad the leaders of America’s erstwhile NATO allies didn’t have to cast their UN votes from within the endless acres of buried American servicemen in European cemeteries instead of inside their comfortable and luxurious offices (which they have courtesy of all those dead and wounded American vets). It is too bad that God does not give the spirits of all those dead American soldiers enough life to become ghosts who can haunt the thankless national leaders in London, Paris, etc.

Kuwait voted against the USA too? That nation exists only because the US gave its blood and money to rescue it from being a province of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. This is the thanks we get from Kuwait? What about Afghanistan and Iraq? We saved those nations’ governments from the Taliban and ISIS, but they mock us at the UN even as our soldiers are still there protecting them? Iraq is now a mere puppet of Iran–who we all know hates America. Why do we do anything for Iraq any longer? The Soviets invaded Afghanistan and came to the conclusion there was was nothing there worth dying for…and they left. Perhaps it is time for the USA to stop “throwing good money after bad” and simply leave Afghanistan and Iraq to their fates.

Japan voted for a terrorist-sponsoring entity at the UN instead of supporting the USA which guarantees their freedom and sovereignty? At a time when the USA may be called upon to defend itself and Japan from North Korean attack, Japan voted for a terrorist-friendly entity and expresses contempt for the USA in the UN vote? Amazing!  Maybe Americans should ask: Is Japan worth defending? If they won’t support us at the UN in good times, will they fight at our side in a threatening time? The answer to that question is no longer clear. At the very least, Japan has “lost face” in the eyes of millions of Americans.

Consider Turkey and Yemen. Turkey is a sovereign nation only because the USA put it into NATO and saved it from Russian domination after World War II. Turkey provokes Germany and the EU in a number of ways, favored ISIS openly by refusing to open fire on ISIS at the battle of Kobani, and now it openly supports the PA — an entity that pays terrorists to kill Jews. I think it is time the USA moved our base at Incirlik, Turkey to friendlier territory. Yemen desperately needs American humanitarian aid. Given its action to lead the attack vs. the USA at the UN, the USA should tell Yemen to get help from the Palestinians instead.

Lithuania and Estonia voted to support the PA, a terrorist-funding entity, at the UN instead of the US even as they plead to the USA to protect them vs. Russia inside the NATO alliance. Seriously? At least Latvia abstained on the vote. The USA, in my opinion, ought to now refuse to post any US troops to defend Lithuania and Estonia and put our Baltic-based troops only in Latvia. If Lithuania and Estonia need help against Russia, let them call the PA for help. See how well that works for them.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the message. The world is full of hypocritical nations and leaders who want all the benefits from the USA whenever they want them, but they want to feel free to also treat the USA with icy contempt a the UN. As one American, I think it is time to tell the world “to hell ” with getting away with that any longer. I’m waiting to see how much President Trump cuts the American donation to the UN. Perhaps he will sign an Executive Order announcing he will sign no more checks to the UN at all until Congress (which has to authorize US federal expenditure levels) makes a decision on how much to fund the UN. This would hand a “hot potato” to Congress at a time when the traditionally pro-Israeli American voters are angry at the UN and will vote to elect a new Congress in 2018. Trump could also cut off all discretionary aid to nations that voted in favor of the PA (a terrorist-funding entity) instead of in favor of the USA.

This all has clear biblical ramifications. As I’ve noted in previous posts, Zephaniah 2:1-11 prophesies that God will create a Jewish nation in the old Promised Land in the latter days of this age. This passage also decrees God’s wrath on nations that oppose his will to create a Jewish nation there and his opposition to nations that “magnify themselves against their (the Jews) border.” The Palestinians (and other nations) routinely “magnify themselves” vs. the Israeli nation on border issues. Those who oppose the Jewish nation’s right to exist can expect the Creator God to be their enemy. Zechariah 12:1-7 prophesies that God himself will make the city of Jerusalem a “cup of trembling” and a “burdensome stone” to all nations in the latter days of our age. That had been fulfilled many times, but it has now had a penultimate fulfillment in the recent UN vote. God says he will “cut in pieces” those who oppose his will on the matter, and this prophecy make it clear that God has decided that “Jerusalem and the Jews” will be inseparably linked together in the latter days. In other words, this prophecy treats Jerusalem as the clear capital city of Judah in the latter days. I’m sure that the Creator God also watched that UN vote with great interest. He saw that the USA acted in harmony with God’s prophetic will that Jerusalem be the capital city of the Jewish nation in our time. I hope he blesses the USA for being in harmony with his will on this matter. God also noticed which nations opposed his will.

I expect that there will be consequences from the Trump administration for all nations who voted against the USA’s sovereign rights in the UN vote. We will see what Trump decides to do about it. However, there is a higher jurisdiction that “took names” at the UN vote as well. That higher jurisdiction, as Zephaniah 2 and Zechariah 12 makes clear, is the invisible court of the Creator God. Those who voted “yes” to the hypocritical UN resolution not only voted to express contempt toward the USA, but they also voted to oppose the will of God — whether they realized it or not. God’s judgment on them will eventually be far harsher than anything President Trump will do.

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