This blog is devoted to passing along to you someone else’s predictions about ominous events that will occur in the USA in the next few years. An American pastor who reads my blogs sent these links to me and another reader in Canada also has sent me his links. The predictions in the video clips below (second link and third link) are made by Gerald Celente, who has a documented record of accurately predicting major geopolitical events.

Mr. Celente’s “bio” is found in the first link below from Wikipedia which mentions that he has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey and Glenn Beck programs, the Today Show, Good Morning America, the CBS Morning Program and NBC Nightly News. Wikipedia also cites some of his past correct analysis about past major events that did come to pass in the USA. Non-American media outlets are also interviewing him to gain insights into what may happen in the USA in the next few years. The video links below are clips of Mr. Celente being interviewed (in English) by Russia Times TV.

Mr. Celente’s forecasts include growing food shortages in the USA, and he predicts that valuable gift-giving to friends will soon include gifts of food. He further foresees that American will be ripping up their grass lawns to grow food instead. These predictions are very consistent with biblical prophecies about famines and food shortages that will occur in the latter days (Matthew 24:7, Revelation 6:5-6). Indeed, the wording of the prophecy in Revelation 6 strongly indicates that food rationing will take place.

He also predicts that “we are going into the Greatest Depression” and that official reports to the contrary are basically a cover-up. He also predicts that public discontent will be so great by the time of the 2012 U.S. presidential elections that a third party will emerge to challenge the candidates of the Republican and Democrat parties. I personally hope he is right on that prediction as American voters badly need candidates who are pro-American Constitutionalists and not pawns of the globalist establishment.

I cannot offer any guarantees re: Mr. Celente’s predictions. His food shortage prediction directly parallels biblical prophecies and we will have to wait and see re: his other predictions. However, since he has a record of remarkably accurate predictions, I thought all readers of this website should have an opportunity to hear what he has to say. If many of his predicted hardships come to pass, we can hope that more Americans will be driven to repentance and pray the prayer of II Chronicles 7:14 for God to come and “heal our land.”