As the Israeli war with Hamas terrorists in the Mideast continues, there are more official warnings that terrorist sleeper cells may already be in the United States and ready to strike Americans in the event the war widens to include fighting between the USA and Iran. The first link cites former House Speaker McCarthy warning about “potential sleeper cells in the United States amid the Israel-Hamas war.” As the Speaker, McCarthy would have been included in security briefings by federal intelligence agencies so he is an authoritative source. McCarthy faults the Biden administration for doing nothing to prevent the infiltration of sleeper cell terrorists into the USA across the unguarded southern border. The link cites two Iranians who were caught crossing the border who were known to be “significant security threats.” A federal office within the Biden administration has even warned about the dangers of sleeper cells infiltrating into America to cause havoc in the event Iran activates them. The second link reports that the San Diego District of the Customs and Border Protection agency warned that Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad terrorists could be in the USA. It adds that 149 illegal aliens were identified that were on the Federal Terrorist Watch List. How many more crossed the porous southern border who were not apprehended?

There is more. The third link cites a former Acting Commissioner of the US Customs and Border Protection agency in the Trump administration as warning that terrorist sleeper cells “could trigger a new wave of domestic terrorist activity,” he added that “No one in their right mind can say our border is secure.” He adds that tens of thousands of special interest aliens entered the US and “were released.” Released? Why is the Biden administration releasing people from nations where terrorists are active into our nation? It is clear that the Biden administration is trying to downplay the risk even as the possibility of a major terrorist attack is growing the longer the conflict rages in the Mideast.

The fourth link cites the Chairman of the US House Homeland Security Committee as saying there has been a “massive surge” of Chinese men of military age into the nation, and that China is apparently “sneaking military personnel into the US via [the] border. You think? This would seem to a blatantly obvious conclusion, but the Biden administration is doing nothing about it. This is especially puzzling given the fact that a major terrorist act (or acts)  perpetrated by terrorists inside the USA who came across our southern border would almost certainly trigger a mass impeachment of officials in the Biden administration for allowing it to happen. It is remarkable that the Biden administration seems so blind to this very real danger.

Allow me to suggest a “wild card” possibility. If a major terrorist act is perpetrated by sleeper cells inside the USA and there are mass casualties, President Biden and Vice-President Harris could easily be impeached by the House of Representatives. The Democrats hold the Senate by a razor-thin margin and the election in 2024 will see far more Democrats in the Senate up for re-election than Republicans. If a domestic terror attack is sufficient to infuriate Americans, enough Democrats in the Senate may have little choice but to vote to uphold the impeachment of both Biden and Harris. If this happens, the Speaker of the House is next in line for the Presidency. Currently, the GOP, which narrowly holds a majority in the House, still has not selected a new Speaker. But if a major attack on US soil is perpetrated by terrorists and it topples the Biden administration via the impeachment process, the next GOP Speaker could become the President. I hope the GOP caucus in the House chooses the next Speaker with care.

I’d like to blog on other topics, but the Israel-Hamas war and the serious dangers of a wider Mideast war are posing such an urgent and increasing danger that I want readers to be regularly updated about this national security crisis. Please review my previous two posts on the Hamas-Israel war and take seriously warnings about preparing yourself and your family to “shelter in place” for a time if necessary. In the event of multiple terrorist sleeper cell attacks, governments may even order citizens to stay in their homes until the crisis is over. Americans typically think “it can’t happen here.” I urge you not to have that complacent attitude. Make reasonable, common-sense preparations while you currently have time to do so. My previous two posts include suggestions on how to do so, so I won’t be redundant in repeating them in this post.

[PERSONAL NOTE: Long time readers already realize that I endure both carpal-tunnel and arthritis pains in my wrists and hands. This limits my ability to write blogs, respond to emails, etc. I’d like to give all readers a “heads up” about another issue which might limit my blogging frequency. In recent months, the eyesight in my right eye has been worsening so I scheduled an appointment with my eye doctor. He found a problem in the retina of my right eye and referred me to a retinal specialist. It is entirely possible that the extensive time I’ve spent doing work at my computer screen and doing “up close” work while researching my books could be at the root of this problem, but I’m not sure. The eye doctor indicated an eye surgery might be necessary at some time, but I’m hoping for “watchful waiting” as an option while new glasses are made to make my vision as good as possible. In either case. I suspect the eye specialist will tell me that resting my eyes with less computer work may be his recommendation. I’ll let readers know more when I know more. Your prayers for the Creator’s healing of these conditions would be much appreciated!]