Has everyone heard the upbeat reports about the economy recovering? Have you heard the establishment economic pundits offering optimistic economic scenarios for next year? If these reports are correct, then why is everyone hurting so badly? There is a simple reason: the so-called economic recovery and rosy scenarios are based on phony “official” statistics. The links below offer an excellent and credible exposé of how phony statistics can mask how bad the underlying fundamentals really are.

The first link notes some “real world″ facts, which include (A) “that there are 7.1 million less employed people than there were three years ago” in the USA, (B) that the actual unemployment rate is 23%, not 9.8%, (C) that private industry wages have declined by $213 billion since the 1st quarter of 2008 and (D) that actual national retail sales are static to slightly lower over the last three years.

This link reproduces two charts from shadowstats.com, a website which reports economic statistics in an honest fashion instead of the manipulated manner than is done by the official government agencies who concoct their statistical data. You should also realize that government statistics have been manipulated under both Republican and Democrat presidents for many years to present a more favorable picture of the US economy than really exists. Shadowstats.com also has a chart indicating that the real rate of inflation is over 4%, about three points higher than the official statistics acknowledge. One can see why the government statistics understate inflation. If true inflation data had been reported for the last couple decades, all Social Security recipients, pensioners and every worker whose salary has COLAs pegged to the inflation rate would be making far higher amounts of money today. It also would have propelled the government deficits even higher into the stratosphere than has already happened. A detailed report on how the CPI inflation data has been manipulated downward is in the second link below, which asserts that the average wage for Social Security recipients would be twice today’s level if the CPI data had been calculated honestly.

The third link removes all doubt about the lies that are being passed on in the official statistics. Jim Rogers, a very respected and influential financial investor and commentator and former associate of George Sores, stated to Reuters that “US government inflation data is a ‘sham,'” and that it “vastly understate[s] price pressures in the economy.” He noted that the US CPI data doesn’t include “food and energy costs” in its core CPI rate, so the core CPI rate can’t possibly reflect real world conditions. Mr. Rogers asserted that “Everybody in this room knows prices are going up for everything,” confirming that influential insiders realize the CPI data is not to be taken seriously.

How many readers recall the “misery index” of the Carter presidency? The “misery index” was the total of the inflation rate and the unemployment rate, and when it gets high, government politicians get voted out of office. Therefore, the politicians have no motivation to have government agencies report honest statistics as it could get the politicians fired by the voters if the truth were known. Adding the “real world” inflation and unemployment rates at the shadowstats.com site, we arrive at a misery index of about 27%, not the 11% total that one gets from the deceptive official statistics. The results of the last election confirm that the voters are experiencing the pain of the high “real world” misery index calculated by shadowstats.com, not the “sham” data reported in the official statistics.

If you really want to get upset, I invite you to read the last link below, a harsh expose of just how corrupt and endangered the US economy and global financial system really is at this time. If everyone on “Main Street” read the last link below and if even half that link reports is true, the American people would be enraged at their elected leaders, the Big Banks and the “Wall Street” crowd. In terms of economic statistics, the last link asserts that when housing prices were skyrocketing in the housing boom, the government statisticians omitted the housing price increases from the CPI and included only “moribund” rent costs in order to mask how high inflation really was. Now that housing prices have been dropping, the government statisticians have put housing costs back into the CPI and given it a very high weighting factor in order to produce a deceptively-low CPI. If this assertion is true, then the dishonesty of government official statistics is very obvious. In case you doubt the accuracy of the claims in the last link below (written by a financial analyst), remember that the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 describes the latter day global financial system called “Babylon the Great” as being very corrupt just before it is overthrown and replaced by the “beast” system.

You can be sure that all the Big Money managers and insiders in the world already know the US government statistics are a “sham” as Jim Rogers observed. You can be sure all the foreign government analysts know the US government statistics are a “sham.” The last people to be allowed to find this out are the American people. They likely won’t realize it en masse until it is too late to reverse the damage. I pray and hope that will not prove to be the case, but I fear it will be. One more thought: since it is evident that the US government is lying blatantly, knowingly and on a prolonged basis to its own people about the economic realities within the USA, is there anything the US government says that can actually be trusted at face value?? What a sorry state of affairs now prevails in the United States of America! Maybe the American people will wake up and there will be a serious third party to run against the Democrats and Republicans in 2012. There is a possibility of this happening. The last poll I saw only about 13% of the US people trust Congress and large majorities feel the US “is on the wrong track.” The two establishment parties have long cooperated in duping the American people via official “sham” statistics. Will the Tea Party emerge as a serious third party in 2012? Stay tuned…

If you have not read my website article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times, I urge you to do so to obtain a biblically-based perspective on the subject of how Christians should or should not prepare for the hard times which the Bible tells us are certain to come. After reading these links, one wonders how much more time anyone will have to make such preparations.