In August, a media story was released that almost 20% of Americans believe President Obama is a Muslim. That number has risen significantly since Obama took office. The first link below is a USA TODAY story about the poll which led to this story. Interestingly, 31% (a very large percentage) of Republicans now believe Obama is a Muslim. You can be sure they will all be highly motivated to get to the polls in the November election.

The second link was sent to me by a reader, and I thought I’d pass it along for all readers of this blog to see. It features a montage of President Obama’s own glowing words of praise about Islam. This video has some very surprising statements by Obama himself that the media has not shown to the American public. I urge you to watch it, and ask yourself if any other president in American history has ever made comments anywhere remotely like these made by Obama. I won’t pass judgment on Obama’s personal religion, but these comments certainly indicate that he is very favorably inclined toward the Islamic faith. If every American could see this video clip of Obama’s own glowing praise of Islam, I think a lot more than 20% of Americans would think Obama was a Muslim.

Deuteronomy 28:43 is the Bible verse comes to my mind when watching this video. It is a verse about the kind of leaders that will be given to God’s “Covenant” nations when they disobey his laws.