I was watching CBS-News tonight and saw a story about President Obama’s new policy re: the USA’s use of its nuclear weapons. Incredibly, Obama’s policy commits the USA to refrain from using nuclear weapons against other nations which attack the USA “no matter what they use against us.” Rogue nations like North Korea and Iran are exempted from that pacifist policy as are “terrorists.” However, what if “terrorists” detonate a nuclear bomb or some other weapon of mass destruction (WMD) in the USA with the clandestine help of nation states other than Iran or North Korea? If that happens, Obama’s new policy will tie his hands and make a fool out of him.

When I saw the CBS report, I went to Fox News and found the link below about this new nuclear policy of Obama’s. I thought that Obama’s nuclear policy certainly must include the use of nuclear retaliation if nations used chemical or bacteriological WMD against American cities. However, I was amazed to read that Defense Secretary Gates elaborated on this new pacifist policy of Obama’s by saying that “The United States pledges not to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against (those countries)…even in the case of a bacteriological or chemical attack.” Amazing! Obama and Gates have virtually told the world that it will get a “free pass” to attack the USA with WMD without any nuclear response from the USA. Competent Presidents like Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan would roll over in their graves if they could see the new policy of national weakness implemented by the Obama administration. I’ll make a prediction. If an American city gets attacked by any WMD and there are thousands or tens of thousands of dead Americans, the nation will be so furious that Obama will either quickly forget his naive new doctrine and find someone to nuke or he will totally forfeit not only any second term but also any credibility to govern the nation for the rest of his first term.

I also had two other thoughts. What if some nation attacked the USA with an electromagnetic pulse weapon (EMP) which shuts down the electric grids in the USA in winter and causes perhaps millions of Americans to freeze to death? Also, what if China or some other nation launches a cyberattack which shuts down the USA’s electric grid in winter (or any season) and shuts down all commerce? If such things happen, Obama better forget about his pacifist “no nukes” policy and find someone to nuke or he could be impeached very quickly…even if Congress has to do it by candlelight and paper ballots. The rage of the American people would demand very violent revenge against those nations which caused or helped such a catastrophe to occur.

The link below reports that Obama called his new pacifist policy “a significant step forward.” In my opinion, it represents incredible gullibility. Teddy Roosevelt had a policy of national strength characterized by the credo: “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” Ronald Reagan’s motto was “Peace Through Strength.” Maybe Obama will go down in the history books as having a policy of “Walk softly and carry a wet noodle,” or “Peace through Weakness.”

Those November Congressional elections can’t come soon enough. I hope everyone who reads these blogs is registered to vote and ready to “send a message” via the ballot box to all office-holders that we want our country back.