It has just been revealed that President Obama is trying to give the Commerce Department the authority to give you, me and “all Americans” using the internet a unique “internet ID.” Obama wants to move swiftly on this and plans to have his program ready in “a few months.” It is ostensibly being proposed in the interest of “cybersecurity,” but this sounds like an Orwellian electronic monitoring system to me. I’m not the only one with such concerns. The link states that “The move has raised eyebrows about privacy issues.”

The Obama administration’s purported claim that this is intended for “cybersecurity” reasons makes little sense to me. The government already has the authority to get a warrant and monitor anyone’s personal communications if there is reasonable evidence to support such a warrant. This seems to be the beginning of another technology that will eventually be used by a future “beast” system to monitor and control their access to the internet. Ominously, the Obama administration spokesman stated that under its new internet ID system designed to be imposed upon you that you will not need to “memorize a dozen passwords” in your internet activities. Really? That can only mean that the government intends to end all your “password-protected” activities and assign you an “internet ID” number via which it can monitor you at will. Internet privacy would end, in my evaluation of this proposal.

Upon reading the link below, a thought occurred to me. A Hebrew-speaking reader pointed out to me recently that there is no “w” in the Hebrew alphabet. Therefore, while we Americans see “www” at the beginning of all internet website addresses, Hebrew-language websites have to begin with something else. I was told that Hebrew websites begin with three consecutive letters of the Hebrew letter “vav,” so Hebrew-language website addresses begin with “vvv” instead of “www.” The numeric equivalent of the letter “vav” in the Hebrew alphabet is 6. Therefore, three consecutive “vav” letters  at the beginning of website addresses results in a numeric sequence of…[are you ready for this?]…”666.”

Numerous media articles are available indicating that the global financial system is weakening and that the US dollar’s days as the global reserve currency may be numbered. Revelation 17-18 prophesy that our current global financial/monetary system (called “Babylon the Great”) will collapse and be replaced by a new global “beast” system. Revelation 13:16-17 prophesies the evil beast system will create a global monetary system of commerce which will only be accessible via a “666” numerical sequence of some kind. When he had his vision which we read in Revelation, the Apostle John was struggling to describe high-tech inventions and latter-day realities with the low-tech language of his time. John spoke Hebrew, and English didn’t exist in his time. Did John see that the beast system would create a cashless society after fiat currencies collapsed and that everyone would be required to use electronic money-cards connected to internet financial, banking and retail websites to conduct commercial transactions? If so, John may have seen the “www” aspect of website addresses with the Hebrew “vvv” prefix and rendered it as “666” in his prophecy because he could count three consecutive “vav” letters and identify it as a “666” sequence.

If Obama’s “internet ID” system gets approved by Congress, it will create the potential for everyone to be forced into a new system of electronic money via their “internet ID” when the beast system gets implemented. Obviously, those who oppose or resist the beast system [think Christians] could have their rights to participate in the global money system terminated by having “Big Brother” simply deactivate their government-assigned “internet ID” access codes. In other words, no man “could buy or sell” unless they had the “mark of the beast” to participate in the beast’s commercial system. Obama’s “internet ID” number assigned to you by the government may morph into your personal “mark of the beast” at some future time.  Keep in mind that I’m not “prophesying” this will all happen, but I’m offering it to you as a possible fulfillment for the “mark of the beast” prophecy.

Consider the old maxim: “Never believe anything until its been officially denied.” White House spokesman, Howard Schmidt, has stated that “there’s no chance that ‘a centralized database will emerge'” from Obama’s “internet ID” proposal for “all Americans.” It appears that a centralized government database monitoring all your computer activities has just “been officially denied.”

If the Obama proposal to assign you your own “internet ID” number and eliminate the “need to memorize…passwords” sounds Orwellian to you, I strongly urge you to tell others about this proposal and everyone should contact their Congressional representatives to have them stop this program from being implemented. If the Obama administration tries to unconstitutionally “legislate” this program into existence by Executive Order or Executive branch actions, then the chances are very good that the government’s intent in compelling all of you to be pushed into this new computer ID system is not benign.