Many readers know what the “birther” issue is. This term describes the inability of President Obama to produce a birth certificate which proves he is a natural-born US citizen. It is an extremely critical issue, because if he can’t prove his status as a natural-born citizen, he has no Constitutional right to be president and no Constitutional right to exercise the powers of that office.

The first link, from, reports the extraordinary story that a Kenyan Government Minister and Lawmaker, James Orengo, has claimed that Barack Obama was “born in Africa” (meaning in Kenya), and “is not even a native American.” Interestingly, the link cites an instance where Michelle Obama referred to Kenya as Obama’s “home country.”  It also cites a Nigerian newspaper as stating that Obama was a “Kenyan-born Senator.”

The second link, the National Public Radio website (a traditionally liberal outlet), even had once posted past links referring to Barack Obama as  “Kenyan-born,” and also cites a Ghana newspaper as saying re: Obama that Africa was “the continent of his birth.” It even includes a report that “Obama’s grandmother claimed being in attendance at his [Barack Obama’s] birth in Africa.” My thanks to a number of readers for sending me these two links.

If these reports are true, then it seems evident that Barrack Obama is not eligible to be the President of the USA. This could be the biggest Constitutional/National crisis in the history of the USA if the US Federal Judiciary tries a case about this growing body of evidence that raises questions about the eligibility of Obama to be President. If he is not a natural-born citizen of the USA, then all his acts as President have no Constitutional validity. The bills he signed have no Constitutional effect. The appointments he made have no Constitutional validity. This issue places all members of the US military in an extremely difficult double-bind. Obama was elected President in the most recent election, but if he doesn’t meet the Constitutional requirements for the Office, then he is not the Constitutional Commander-in-Chief (CiC). If he is not a valid CiC, then all orders he has given to military personnel are unlawful orders and military personnel could potentially be subject to both civil suits and war crimes charges for actions they take while obeying his “orders.”

The establishment media has generally either ignored or “poo-pooed” the issue, but it is getting harder to ignore. A past blog at this website cited a poll that a surprisingly-large percentage of the US population doubted Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to serve as President. The third link below indicates that doubts about Obama’s legitimacy as President are spreading in the US military. It cites the case of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, an army flight surgeon, who has declined to abide by his deployment orders until “he is satisfied that President Barack Obama is a ‘natural-born’ citizen.” Previous military officers have also taken this same stance. You can be sure that if as high an officer as a Lt. Colonel is doubting Obama’s legitimacy as CiC, then many others are thinking the same thoughts as Lt. Col. Lakin.

Surprisingly, Col. Lakin’s story actually (but barely) made the mainstream press. The fourth link, from USA Today, mentions the Lt. Col Lakin story, but frames the story in a way which minimizes the serious issues. It states that Hawaii’s health director “has twice issued statements that she has seen Obama’s birth certificate.” Since no one else has ever seen this phantom birth certificate, one does wonder why she has apparently not subjected it to forensic scrutiny so its authenticity can be determined. This article also spikes any mention of the reports out of Africa that Obama was born in Africa. Stay tuned. If this issue isn’t resolved openly and publicly, the percentage of Americans doubting his legitimacy as President will continue to grow, and Obama’s ability to govern the nation will be eroded.