I’ve blogged on this topic before, but it is time to do so again. For any new readers who are new to this issue, the “birther” issue refers to the inability (or unwillingness) of President Obama to produce a legal birth certifiate to prove that he is Consitutionally-eligible to serve as the US President. This is a huge issue in American internal affairs which the establishment media won’t investigate or publicize even as it is spreading like wildfire among the American voters. The first link below indicates that approximately a half-year ago, one-third of Americans did not believe Obama was Consitutionally-eligible to serve as President and another one-sixth of Americans didn’t know if he was eligible. Barely 51% believed Obama was a Consitutionally-legitimate president.  That was six months ago. The issue has been spreading even wider so more Americans, as they find out about this issue, are likely to doubt his legitimacy as the US President.

The second link below gives examples of ads that are appearing in the media around the nation that assert Obama is not eligible to be our president. If you look in the upper-right-hand corner of the second link, you will see the full-page ad that appeared in the Washington Times National Weekly Edition (a respected media source) which challenged Obama’s right to serve as president. This link also has a wide variety of links to other aspects of this simmering national issue. The third link cites a “former senior elections clerk for Honolulu” as stating concerning Obama’s birth certificate that “There isn’t one.” The fourth link, from WorldTribune.com (another respected media source) examines critical “background check” information that the lap-dog establishment media should have been investigating and exposing before Obama was elected. I think you will find these links to be well-worth your reading.

I’m not citing the fifth link as a source for hard information because it is a tabloid seen by millions of Americans at their grocery-store or drug-store check-out counters. While it does contain hard information documented by more “serious” media outlets, I’m citing it as an example of how Obama’s eligibility issue has “gone mainstream.” Millions of Americans see the tabloid headlines each week or they read the tabloid stories if they buy the issues. The tabloid media now knows this is a hot issue, and, through their stories, millions more Americans will become aware of the doubts about Obama’s eligibility to serve as president.

This “birther” issue may be one of the most important ones considered by American voters this November when they vote in the next Congressional election. I think it is safe to say that the 1/3rd of Americans who believed in January that Obama was not eligible to serve as president will be voting against the Democrats this November. As many more Americans learn about this issue and develop doubts about Obama’s eligibility to serve as president, this sentiment will grow more important in the November elections, even if establishment pollsters refuse to ask about it.

Personally, I am becoming convinved that Obama is a usurper in the office of the US presidency. His refusal to produce a legal birth certificate in spite of a pressing need to do so infers strongly that the former Hawaii elections clerk cited in the third link below is right when he says “there isn’t one.” If that is truly the case, then Obama isn’t eligible to serve as the US President and all his appointments, acts and executive orders are called into question as having any force of law. Millions of Americans already know this, and millions more Americans will find out as this issue spreads in the media and internet outlets. The more Obama’s eligibility to serve as president is doubted by the US public, the more he loses the ability to govern the nation. The military also knows about this issue as there have been media stories about uniformed military personnel refusing to accept his orders unless he can prove his natural-born citizenship. You can also be sure that leaders in other nations around the world are well-aware of this issue too.

It appears that we are heading for a big crisis, folks. If a firm majority of the nation comes to doubt that he is eligible to serve as president, we may be approaching the time when Obama gives orders and many people (both in and out of government) refuse to implement them.