May 25, 2009
Steve Collins
This is memorial day when Americans traditionally memorialize and honor the sacrifice of America’s war dead. America’s war dead in military cemeteries have crosses (and some stars of David) on their graves to honor the biblical roots of our nation founded on Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. However, two actions have occurred which clearly, in my view, reveal the direction in which the Obama administration is headed. Both involve the military so it is appropriate to post this on Memorial Day.
The first link reports that the Obama administration has removed all biblical references from the Pentagon daily intelligence briefings. In a fact known to few Americans (including me) it was a common practice in the Bush administration to include Bible verses on those briefings. The Obama administration wants those Bible verse removed! The second link reports that the Obama administration has also ordered Bibles in the possession of US troops in Afghanistan to be seized and burned. The link also contrasts the overtly anti-Christian attitude of the Obama administration with the very pro-biblical policy of General Douglas MacArthur when he was the military commander of Japan after World War II.
Psalm 50:22 states: “Now consider this, you that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces and there be none to deliver.” Jeremiah 18:15-17 also records God’s pronouncement that when his people forgot Him, the result was that their land became a desolation and suffered calamity. Nations like the USA which have received so many blessings and so much favor from the Creator God have an especially great responsibility to acknowledge and thank God for these blessings. The surprising and unrealized reasons why America has been so favored by God with incredible national blessings are explained in my article “The USA in Bible Prophecy” available at the homepage of this website.
Sadly, the USA has been in the process of progressively “forgetting God” for the last few decades and America’s problems have proportionately gotten worse during this same period of time.  When God and his laws were previously honored and widely acknowledged by leaders in our government and society, America grew stronger both domestically and internationally. I think we see a strong “cause and effect” correlation here.  If America’s leaders and America’s people, duped by the grossly unscientific “theory” of evolution, continue to “forget God” even more, do not expect America’s downward trend to reverse itself. If America enters a time of national judgment from its Creator, Americans will learn to rue their decision “to not retain God in their knowledge” (Romans 1:28).