This is a blog which I intended to write awhile ago, but it got lost in the shuffle of things that came to my attention. This blog is to give you what I think is an important piece of information. The link below, from the Washington Times, reveals that the Obama White House is putting pressure on the Pentagon to withhold from Americans the real extent of the military danger posed by China.

The link discusses a Pentagon report that was being held up because the Obama administration wanted it watered down to not mention China’s new military threats to the USA, and to focus instead on some imaginary “US-China military ‘cooperation.'” The link below notes that such a skewed emphasis is a “tough sell” because there basically isn’t any real American-Chinese military cooperation.

Specifically, it was the White House’s National Security Council that pressured the Pentagon to change its report so it hid evidence of China’s growing military threats to America. Such threats include “China’s decade-long buildup of new strategic and conventional missiles, aircraft, warships and other high-tech weapons.” The Obama White House also was trying to remove any mention of China’s new aircraft-carrier-killing ballistic missile, about which I blogged previously. As of when this link was written, it appeared that the real extent of China’s military threat was only going to be published in a “classified” version of the report while the “public” version of the report would hide the real truth that China is a growing military threat to the national security of the USA.

The material in this link certainly indicates that the National Security Council is either in China’s hip pocket or is so co-opted by Chinese influence that it cannot tell the truth to the American people about the growing Chinese military threats to the USA. For balance it must be noted that the Bush administration also faced these same pressures to water-down China’s military threats to the USA. I suspect the fact that China is the USA’s biggest creditor nation gives it huge influence behind the scenes over the US government’s actions, again proving the immutable power of Proverbs 22:7’s warning against debt. The US government is China’s “borrower” so it is increasingly is becoming a “servant” to China. Americans should be very concerned about this development. The link’s information indicates that the US government has lost the ability to tell Americans the truth about the growing danger posed to America by China’s military power. The prophecy of Ezekiel 38-39, however, is not muzzled. It warns us that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will create a military alliance that will eventually attack the USA, NATO and the nations allied to them. Current geopolitical developments document that the global stage is inexorably being set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39 in a future year. This link clearly shows that Americans can no longer rely on their own government to tell them the truth about the military threats posed to our nation by China and its Russian and Iranian allies.