We all knew it was coming. The Obama administration was so desperate for a deal…any deal…with Iran on its nuclear program that we all sensed that something was eventually going to be announced to the world. Readers may decide for themselves what they think of this deal, but I think in its efforts to try and make the deal look good for the West, the Obama administration is trying to “put lipstick on a pig” (a remark I first heard used descriptively by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin). The first link gives a review of the deal for those whose local media haven’t informed them about the “spin” being put on the deal.

The first link notes that “In Tehran, thousands of people flooded city streets to celebrate the deal….” They should celebrate. They clearly understand that the Iranian negotiators won and that Obama, Kerry and Co. lost the negotiations. Remarkably, the Iranians still are committed to a hostile policy to the USA and the West, they did not have to renounce their funding of terrorism or their pledge to “wipe Israel off the map.” The Iranians didn’t have to release four Americans still held captive by them or renounce their ties to terrorist entities. One Mideast expert is cited in the first link as saying “There’s no reason to expect they [Iran] will change.” Just last week, the first link reports that the Iranian government orchestrated people to chant “death to America,” “death to Israel” and burn US flags. The “deal” apparently doesn’t require Iran to stop speaking and acting like terrorists or funding them. Indeed, by giving Iran many billions of frozen assets in Western accounts, the West will be giving to Iran a vast treasure trove to build up its military and fund terrorism all over the world (perhaps even inside the USA and Europe). This deal is a massive surrender by Obama to Iran…in my view. However, I’ll bet Obama’s top adviser, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett is celebrating too.

The second link¬†reports on the very harsh reaction of the Israeli government to this sell-out of the West. Israeli Prime Minister reminded the world that Israel “is not bound by the deal and reserves the right to defend itself.” Behind the scenes, Israelis must be fuming. They aren’t alone. The third link, a commentary on the deal by the respected Money and Markets website, states that much of the Mideast is “aghast” at the way Obama sold-out the interests of not just Israel but all the Sunni Islamic nations as well. Saudi Arabia must be as furious at Obama as Israel. This deal will enable Iran to give many billions of dollars of weaponry to support its proxies all over the Mideast: the Assad Syrian regime, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthi rebels in Yemen and the anti-Egyptian rebels fighting the Egyptian government in the Sinai Peninsula. Iran will be able to fund terrorist entities inside Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan as well. As Obama tries to defend this horrible deal, I’m reminded of how British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried to defend as a good deal his agreement with Hitler to give Germany the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. Trying to pacify tyrants rarely works out very well. It usually just emboldens them.

The fourth link is a very good analysis of the weaknesses of this deal by columnist Trudy Rubin. She also points out the deal is dangerous to Israel and the Sunni Arabs and “signifies..Iran’s ambitions to dominate the region.” Her column is well-written and I urge readers to review it. She also brings up the obvious point that this weak deal with Iran will “encourage Sunni Arab states to develop nuclear programs…[bombs]…” She makes the striking observation that “Obama convinces the region that he is naive or a secret backer of Iran (emphasis added).”

Now I’ll offer some of my thoughts. While it doesn’t guarantee a regional Mideast War, it does increase the likelihood that war will occur sooner rather than later in the Mideast because Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Sunni nations will realize that it is better to preemptively attack Iran’s nuclear program now rather than wait until after Iran has spent billions on new weaponry to defeat any attack. The price of oil will likely drop in the short term due to Iranian oil soon being sold into the world oil markets; however, the oil markets could experience a skyrocketing oil price if a Mideast War occurs or is likely as such a war could include the Iranians and the Sunni nations attacking each other’s oil facilities. I believe that for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and a range of other nations, this deal is the “last straw” in terms of trusting the USA. The USA has forfeited the right to call any of these nations “allies” or be treated as an ally by any of them. The next president of the USA is going to have a hard time winning their trust back. Furthermore, all US allies all over the world just witnessed how Obama and the USA stabbed its long-time Israeli and Sunni Arab allies in the back. Respect for the USA just plummeted everywhere, in my view…as it should in light of such a negotiated surrender to a US and Western enemy. The already-present factors that were pushing the security interests of Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Sunni nations together just got a big boost. Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt already had such a low level of respect for the US that these nations may now openly or secretly decide to ally themselves together for mutual protection. Another inevitable (but likely kept unspoken) result of this bad deal is that many nations that previously did not have nuclear weapons programs will now start them or will seek to buy nukes from nuclear nations via back-door arrangements. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey are obvious nations which will now have an urgent need to match Iranian nuclear ambitions. Other US allies around the world that thought they could trust the USA’s nuclear umbrella may now be having second thoughts about the wisdom of trusting the USA on anything. Nations that could quickly start nuclear programs include Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, etc.

We have just witnessed an epic weakening of the USA and other European NATO nations on the world scene. They should have at least walked away from this deal until Iran gave up on some meaningful items on the table. There is another fact that you can be sure Obama and Co. won’t stress in their efforts to sell this really bad deal. Iran committed an act of war vs. the USA during the Carter years when Iran seized the US embassy in Tehran and Carter never did do anything meaningful in retaliation. Iran is still labeled a state-sponsor of terrorism by the Obama administration the last I knew. They fund groups all over the Mideast which try to overthrow or destabilize western Sunni governments. They have hidden their nuclear facilities from the world in the past. Can anyone actually trust the Iranians to keep any of the terms of this agreement? Once they get their billions of frozen assets back and start selling oil on the world markets, Iran may simply abrogate the deal realizing that the world will not follow the Obama administration in reimposing sanctions in the future.

This deal just greatly strengthened the position of the Gog-Magog alliance of Ezekiel 38:2-6, of which Iran (“Persia”) is a member. The fallout in the form of weakened alliances, new alliances, etc. is only just beginning. An angered Saudi Arabia could even hasten the fall of the current Babylon the Great system by declaring the end of the petrodollar market by stating they will now accept any nation’s fiat currency as well as gold and silver in payment for oil shipments. Think what that would do for the US dollar!

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