March 18, 2009
Steve Collins
The American-British alliance has been the cornerstone of world power politics for almost a century. The longtime Anglo-American “special relationship” has been a permanent fixture of post World War II geopolitics. Readers of my books realize that this alliance was prophesied in the Bible well over three millennia ago in Genesis 48. The USA is the single great nation of the tribe of Manasseh and the British Commonwealth of Nations is the “company of nations” which were prophesied to descend from the tribe of Ephraim (see Genesis 48:14-20). Both tribes were to attain greatness in the latter days, and these tribes are, indeed, “brother” tribes as both are descended from the biblical hero, Joseph. The USA and the British nations have long been seen as “brother” nations from the Anglo-Saxon heritage. The Bible foretold and explained this alliance.
Apparently, this alliance is in danger, due to an apparent personal bias borne by President Obama against the British.
President Obama snubbed the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown, when he was in Washington, DC recently, refusing to do the usual joint press conference that previous American presidents have always done on visits by British heads of state. Neither would Obama do the usual state dinner at the White House. Also, in the traditional exchange of gist between heads of state, Gordon Brown’s gift was quite meaningful but Obama’s “gifts” were tawdry by comparison. These were all affronts by Obama against the British (see first and second links below). The insults by Obama vs. the British were noticed around the world. The second link below is a Russian media account of Obama’s insults to Gordon Brown.
Obama may have a grudge against the British, who have long been America’s chief ally. The third and fourth links give an American and a British perspective on the rift in US-British relations because of an additional anti-British action by Obama–the expulsion of a famous bust of Winston Churchill from the White House. This bust was a very important symbol of the British-American friendship, and Obama just gave it the boot! Why?
The third and fourth links below give an American and a British viewpoint on this snub of the British by Obama. Both reports strongly infer that Obama’s animus vs. the British dates to the fact that Obama’s Kenyan grandfather fought in the Mau Mau rebellion against British Colonial Rule in the 1940s and 1950s. The Mau Mau tribesmen saw themselves as freedom fighters, but the British saw them as terrorists. Thousands died in the warfare between the British administration and the Mau Mau rebels. Obama is apparently subordinating the national interests of the USA with its key ally to an anger he has inherited from the Kenyan side of the Obama family against the British.
If the American and British alliance becomes split or even strained, both nations will be weakened.