Although the Obama administration is publicly pursuing a diplomatic approach to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons (an approach which has been universally unsuccessful to date), there are signs that Obama may still be considering an attack vs. Iran’s nuclear sites. The first link below, from, reports that “The Obama administration has indicated for the first time that diplomatic engagement is not its only option for grappling with Iran’s nuclear weapons drive.” The US Air Force is now developing an unprecedentedly large “bunker buster” bomb which is designed to penetrate deep into the ground and explode concealed underground facilities. The new “bunker buster” bomb would be ten times more powerful that the large one already in the current US inventory of weapons. It seems to me that this new massive bomb would have the power of a small tactical nuclear weapon without actually crossing the nuclear threshold.

This new weapon is projected to be ready by July, 2010 when the US expects Iran could deliver a nuclear weapon via missiles, but the US is looking for ways to “accelerate the program.” North Korea is also cited as a possible target for this massive new bomb. The second link below, from a British media source, also confirms the report about the USA’s new bomb, but it adds more about North Korea’s underground facilities being a possible target of this new bomb. North Korea has reportedly buried its nuclear weapons development program facilities deep underground, and the USA (which has been repeatedly fooled by North Korean assurances that it had discontinued its nuclear program) may be developing its deep penetrator bomb to be used against both Iranian and North Korean underground facilities. Jesus Christ prophesied that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” in the latter days (Matthew 24:6), and we will have to wait and see if these possible military actions become real or remain “rumors.”

There is another problem which has received almost no publicity. The third link below (from an Australian media source), reports that Myanmar (Burma) is also building a secret nuclear weapons facility with North Korean help. The underground Burmese facility “runs parallel to a civilian reactor being built at another site by Russia (emphasis added).” The Burmese nuclear program was unveiled by Burmese defectors who had intimate knowledge of the location of the secret facility and the Russian involvement. Burma’s nukes are expected to be ready in five years. Obviously, the US super “bunker buster” bomb could be used against underground Burmese nuclear facilities as well.

Let’s put some facts together to obtain a clear picture of what is happening. It is well-known that Russia has provided Iran with its nuclear reactor capacity and Russia has provided Iran with sophisticated anti-aircraft systems to defeat an attack against these Russian-built nuclear facilities. Russia now is reportedly helping Burma build nuclear facilities in a secret location not supervised by international inspectors. China has helped Iran with its missile technology (intended to deliver nuclear warheads) and China is North Korea’s closest ally in the world (although one wonders how much control even China has over the rogue nation of North Korea). China is also reported to be close to the Burmese rulers.  Are we seeing a pattern here? It appears that Russia and China are spreading nuclear weapons facilities to their client/vassal states in Iran, North Korea and Burma. Production of nuclear weapons in “secret” locations around the world means that small nukes could be given from those “secret” facilities to terrorists who could then transport them to a target location and ignite them via suicide bombers. Russia and China could plead “plausible deniability” of responsibility if an attack occurred this way even though they were responsible for the nukes falling into terrorist hands. Readers of this blog will not find anything surprising in these facts as Ezekiel 38 prophesied 2500 years ago that Russia, China and Iran (and other nations) would be together in an alliance that would be hostile to the western nations led by the modern ten tribes of Israel. Ezekiel 38 prophesies that an attack vs. the West by Russia, China, Iran and their allied nations at the end of our age is certain to occur.  

As the third link notes, the existence of a secret Burmese nuclear weapons program “will ring alarm bells across Asia.” It could easily trigger a massive proliferation of nuclear-armed states all over the world as other nations are left with no choice but to build their own nuclear weapons. Japan would be under especially-strong pressure to openly build nuclear weapons (which Japanese technology could do very quickly). India would have to expand its nuclear program and such nations as Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia would have little choice but to “go nuclear” if even Burma obtains nuclear weapons.

Obama’s administration will have to make a choice soon. Are they going to attack the underground nuclear facilities of Iran and North Korea or will they allow these nations to build nuclear arsenals? If they allow this to happen, many other nations will also deploy nuclear weaponry of their own whether the USA wants them to do so or not. There isn’t a lot of time left to make this decision. The first link indicates that this decision must be made within a year. However, the Israelis may choose to act on their own sooner than this against Iran.

The world is steadily becoming a more dangerous place. Obsessed by fluff stories about celebrities, the latest crime sprees or what is happening on American Idol, the American population is largely ignorant of the dangers that are growing in the world. If you want your friends to be aware of these growing dangers in the world, please refer this blog and website to them.