At a time when Iran’s nuclear weapons program is arguably one of the greatest threats to world peace, President Obama has ordered (are you ready for this?) US intelligence agencies to focus on “intensified surveillance on Israel’s military (see first link). The Obama administration knows that the Israelis are losing patience with the so-far useless world sanctions as a method of restraining Iran’s nuclear program. This directive from President Obama confirms that Obama is increasingly worried that the Israelis might strike alone against Iran without giving any warning to the USA or anyone else. This desire of Obama to keep track of all Israeli military assets is entirely consistent with my blog post of June 10, 2012 that an American-Brazilian anti-submarine exercise was actually intended to enhance the ability of US submarines to monitor and track the super-quiet, German-made Israeli Dolphin submarines which carry cruise missiles that are almost certainly going to used in any Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear facilities.
I think Obama is very afraid that an Israeli strike against Iran prior to the November US elections could prove devastating to Obama’s re-election chances. If an Israeli-Iranian war breaks out, it will not easily be contained to the Mideast theater of operations. Americans are overwhelmingly pro-Israeli and will demand that Obama take very firm military action in support of the Israelis, especially if Iran unleashes Hezbollah sleeper cell attacks against US targets in North America. Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for supporting the Israelis has been oft-reported in media outlets, so Obama doubtless wants to know if the Israelis are planning to strike either Iran or Syria so he can bring pressure to bear to stop such an attack. Obviously, the Israelis know about the publicly-reported directive of Obama to have American intelligence agencies intensify their spying on the Israelis so one can expect the Israelis to be extremely cautious about sharing any intelligence with US agencies not only at this time, but most likely throughout the remainder of Obama’s term of office.
All is not lost for US-Israeli cooperation, however. The USA and Israeli had planned on conducting the largest US-Israeli military maneuvers ever in a training exercise called Operation Austere Challenge, but it was cancelled in early 2012 after a famous spat between Obama and Netanyahu. The second link, from the British media, reports that this operation has been rescheduled to occur in October, 2012. What a surprise! The operation has been rescheduled to occur just before Americans vote in November and will give Obama a photo-op for appearing to be on the side of Israel just before the elections. I think his directive to have US intelligence agencies increase their spying against the Israelis tells us far more about what is in Obama’s heart than any timing of a particular exercise.
However, the world situation may result in a war starting either deliberately or unexpectedly in the Mideast. It is possible that Iran’s unpredictable leaders may choose to start a war on their own terms and at a time of their choosing instead of waiting for a punishing first strike from either the USA or Israel. Israel is in a bind as they absolutely have to put the survival of their nation as their first priority whether the USA cooperates or not in an attack, but they very much want to have a joint US-Israeli attack if one occurs so the Israelis are waiting as long as they think they can.
Keep in mind that the Creator God/Elohim has guaranteed the survival of the Israeli nation in the latter days (Zechariah 12:2-7). In the great age-ending war that will occur globally in the future, the Israeli nation will be invaded. It will be bloodied, but it will survive because the God of Creation (who we Christians/believers know as Jesus Christ/ Yashua) will lead a heavenly army to intervene in the war and Divinely save not only the Jews/Israelis, the biblical “house of Judah” (Zechariah 14), but the nations of the modern “house of Israel” (the USA. the UK, many NATO nations, etc.) as well (Ezekiel 38:20-39:8, Revelation 19:11-21). I don’t think that the prophesied age-ending global war is in the offing just yet, but then I claim no infallibility on the matter. The future is growing ever more dangerous and unpredictable. It wouldn’t take much of a spark to ignite a conflagration.