According to the Israeli intelligence website,, President Obama has offered an incredible array of promises to the Israelis if they will agree to accept a nuclear Iran and not attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. This includes membership in NATO, a nuclear umbrella over Israel, providing American nuclear submarines to Israel, and F-22 Raptor warplanes to Israel.

That is quite an array of promises, but the link below notes that “what good is it?” if Iran launches a nuclear first strike againat Israel’s tiny nation and destroys it. What good is an excellent second strike capacity if there is no Israeli nation left to save? Also, if Obama actually tried to transfer F-22 Raptors to the Israelis from America’s already small inventory of them and transferred boomer and attack nuclear subs from the US Navy to the Israeli Navy, I think there would be “hell to pay” with the US Congress and Pentagon over any such offer.

Also, if the Israeli nation was attacked or destroyed in an Iranian first strike, does anyone think NATO would actually go to war against Iran to save the Israelis? Not likely. NATO nations are planning on disarming their militaries and are losing the ability to defend themselves. A NATO “guarantee” is getting less meaningful with each passing year.

Oddly, if this report is true, this puts President Obama in the role of trying to protect Iran from an Israeli strike—a position that I cannot see any previous American President taking. If the American voters were aware of this effort by Obama to protect Iran against an Israeli strike while robbing the US military of some of its own major assets, millions of voters might start asking an embarrassing question: Whose side is Obama on?

Supporters of the Israelis need not fear the Israeli nation will be destroyed. God promises in Zechariah 12:1-7 that he will not permit that to happen.