A congressman and a major media source have both revealed that the Obama administration has been deliberately hiding the true nature of China’s military threat to the USA (see first link). The Washington Times’ writer Bill Gertz, asserts that there is “a secret directive within the Obama administration that prevents all US officials from directly pointing to the growing threat from China.” Rep. J. Randy Forbes, a co-chairman of the Congressional China caucus, revealed that “the US government has a ‘frightening reluctance’ to highlight the challenges posed by China.” This bizarre and dangerous policy is reportedly the result of the power of “pro-China officials” within the Obama administration. It seems to me that any “pro-China” officials in the administration ought to be purged from office quickly and replaced with “pro-American” officials.
As a result of this policy to coddle China and hide from Americans the real military threat from China, America’s national security is increasingly at risk. A nation with its head in the sand re: a rapidly-growing military threat will not be able to take essential actions needed to counter that threat.
The article also notes that Obama’s policy to hide the real extent of China’s military threat is occurring even as “…most experts agree [China’s military buildup] is aimed at winning a future conflict with the United States.” It adds a Pentagon report on China, due to Obama’s secret directive, “is the ‘most- dumbed’ down report yet produced.” All Americans should be very concerned about Obama’s secret directive which is placing the national security of the USA and the lives of all US military servicemen and servicewomen in ever-growing peril as China’s military program expands while Americans are largely “kept in the dark” about this threat. 
Obviously this begs the question as to why Obama is jeopardizing America’s security so knowingly. I can see only three logical alternatives: (A) he is too dumb to know what he is doing, (B) he is a traitor, or (C) he is being blackmailed by China into adopting this policy because of China’s immense leverage over the US dollar and economy caused by the grossly-foolish decisions dating back to Presidents Clinton and Bush to put America into a state of indebtedness to China and to export America’s industrial plants to China. I think option three is the most logical explanation. Proverbs 22:7 states an eternal truth: “The borrower is servant to the lender.” Foolish American presidents and congresses have put the USA far in debt to China and this inexorably gives China more leverage over the decisions of the US government (its debtor). In such a situation, economic/monetary blackmail is highly likely, especially when the lender is a Communist nation with hostile intent toward the USA. It is also a national punishment which is a part of God’s inexorable laws. When “covenant” nations such as the USA, who have received God’s generous favor and blessings, rebel against God and turn away from him (as the USA has done), Deuteronomy 28:43-44 prophesies that strangers (i.e., foreign nations) will “lend to you and you shall not lend to them.” This prophecy has been fulfilled in the USA’s growing dependence on foreigners to fund its spending excesses.
If you have any doubt that the USA is a “covenant nation” bound under the national blessings and curses of Deuteronomy 28, please read my article “The USA In Biblical Prophecy” and listen to some of my free audio messages. The USA is in growing danger, and its people are not only not being told the truth about these growing dangers, the link asserts that their own government is deliberately hiding the danger from them. The fact that few other media sources are informing Americans about this dangerous governmental policy also strongly indicates that they are accomplices in the policy of hiding this danger from the awareness of American voters.
If the information in the link concerns you, please forward this blog post and link to others to warn them as well. Americans need to “wake up” to what is going on in the world.