Every so often, I see a story that leaves me incredulous. This is one such time. The link below, from the Washington Times, leaves me completely nonplussed. First, let’s put the story in context.

Many articles have reported that President Obama has seemingly put a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities “off the table.”  Instead, Obama was reported to be urging the international community to enact “tough sanctions” against Iran to motivate that nation to give up its nuclear ambitions. I don’t see that any such weak-wristed plan has any chance of success, but that was the option Obama was pursuing. The Washington Times story reports that the “sanctions” effort pushed by Obama has no teeth at all. Indeed, it is pro-Iranian, pro-Russian and pro-Chinese if this report is true.

The report states that a loophole in Obama’s sanctions program would exempt companies in “cooperating countries” from having to comply with the sanctions. If Russia and China are deemed to be “cooperating countries,” then Russian and Chinese companies can ship to Iran any sensitive cargoes, military or nuclear shipments, etc. without any fear of being bothered by the “sanctions” police (if any such police exist). One Congresswoman (Rep. Ros-Lehtinen of Florida) is quoted as saying the exemption “is aimed at China and Russia specifically…The administration wants to give a pass to countries for merely supporting a watered-down, almost do-nothing UN resolution.” If the definition of “cooperating countries” includes every nation which votes for this useless sanctions measure at the UN, then virtually any company in the world can ship sensitive cargoes to Iran untouched by these toothless “sanctions.”

If this report is true, then all of President Obama’s efforts to obtain sanctions against Iran are nothing but meaningless hype and a cynical action intended to dupe the American people into thinking Obama is actually doing anything meaningful re: Iran. If this report is true, then Obama not only has no backbone for any military strike vs. Iran, but he also has no backbone for any real sanctions either. Indeed, if the Obama administration is taking actions behind-the-scenes which will actually help Russia, China and Iran, does anyone out there feel like asking a very uncomfortable question: “Whose side is Obama really on?”

Think how this gutless “sanctions” program might also impact the thinking in the Israeli government, which was waiting to see if the international community imposed strict sanctions against Iran which would have a real chance of stopping Iran’s nuclear program. The hope of such a strict sanctions program was reportedly holding back an Israeli military strike vs. Iran. If Obama’s “sanctions” program against Iran is as deceitful and empty as reported in the link below, then Israel has no real reason to delay a strike against Iran any longer.