President Obama is currently on a four-nation tour of Asia and his first stop was in India. This was a fitting choice as American-Indian ties are very important to both nations. President Bush began forming a strategic relationship with India during his presidency and that effort may prove to be one of the most important achievements of his term of office. To his credit, President Obama is building on that effort and strengthening ties with India even further.

The first link below reports that in a prominent speech in India, Obama gave strong support to India becoming a Permanent Member of the UN Security Council. The article refers to this objective as “India’s dearest wish,” so this was music to the ears of the Indian government and India’s people. While the USA cannot make such a thing happen by itself, the fact that the USA is now openly supporting such an international honor for India can only deepen the developing American-Indian alliance. This blog has been open in criticizing what I regard to be Obama’s shortcomings, but, in fairness, I applaud his recognition of how important US-Indian ties are in modern geopolitical realities. His calling for India’s permanent membership in the UN Security Council is a wise and excellent action for an American president to take. The second link reports that 2/3rds of the people of India already had a favorable attitude toward the USA, so this action will only deepen the bonds between the two nations.

The American-Indian alliance is critically-important to both nations due to the rise of Chinese economic power and militarism. India is surrounded by Pakistan and China, both of whom are nuclear powers and are allied to each other against India. India badly needs a major nuclear power as an ally. China is also making moves to gain inroads into controlling the Indian ocean’s commercial routes. India cannot allow China to be dominant in the Indian Ocean so it also needs an alliance with a nuclear power which also has a strong navy. The USA is a premier nuclear power with a strong navy, and both the USA and India are democracies which speak English so this alliance is made-to-order for both nations. The USA, threatened by China’s economic dominance and China’s rising militarism badly needs a democratic ally in Asia which is a nuclear power to offset China’s growing power in the region and world. India is an ideal ally for the USA’s interests.

My website blog posts have been predicting a growing American-Indian alliance for some time based on Ezekiel 38:13. That verse identifies several Asian nations (“Sheba and Dedan, the merchants of Tarshish and the young lions thereof”) as not being allies of the anti-American, anti-western alliance of the Gog-Magog nations. In previous blog posts, I have identified these biblically-identified nations as the modern nations of India, Japan, and the “young tiger” nations such as South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan and a recent blog post examined the possibility that Vietnam (which also fears China) might also join this anti-Chinese Asian alliance. For a deeper examination of the biblical basis for making these identifications, please read my free article, Japan’s Role in Bible Prophecy, available at this website. For evidence that the USA is identified in Ezekiel 38 as well, please read my article, The USA in Bible Prophecy, available at the home page of this website. If every modern Christian read that article on the USA, it would reinvigorate modern Christianity a great deal as they would see God’s hand clearly moving in world history and the modern world today.

In spite of the obvious importance of strengthening American-Indian ties, the Washington Times has revealed that there is a faction within Obama’s own administration that is working to subvert this growing and critically-important alliance. The third link has a section entitled “India-China policy fight” which asserts that there is a group of officials within the Obama administration who want to appease China by opposing stronger ties between India and the USA. This group of Quislings is identified in this article as the “kowtow to China” group, the “pro-China officials,” and the “soft-liners on China.” Personally, I think these pro-Chinese staffers all ought to be fired or asked to resign because their positions are so harmful to both the short-term and long-term interests of the USA. China not only has no chance of being an American ally, its weaponry programs and anti-satellite program make it evident that China’s strategic goal is to be an enemy of the USA and defeat the USA one way or another. Indeed, China’s intentions toward the USA and other nations may be extremely sinister as my blogs about “Chinese nanotechnology weapons” reveal. You can find them via the search feature of this blog or you can simply do a Google search for “Chinese nanotechnology weapons” and you will usually find my blog posts near the top of all available options (see last link below). The USA needs an alliance with India and that alliance should be pursued aggressively. India needs the USA just as badly as the USA needs India so this is a proverbial “match made in heaven.” Indeed, Ezekiel 38:13 indicates that this “match” is indeed decreed in Bible prophecy to occur in the latter days.

The growing Indian-American strategic alliance fulfills the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. My blog posts have been expecting this relationship to deepen for some time, based on Ezekiel 38’s prophecy, and it is gratifying to see it unfold as God’s hand shapes modern geopolitical events. Proverbs 21:1 states that the hearts of the world’s kings (political leaders) are putty in God’s hands and he will turn the hearts of global leaders to implement his Divine will. That the hearts of the American and Indian leaders are drawing closer together as allies is an example of Proverbs 21:1 in action. This fulfills biblical prophecy and I welcome it as a necessary strategic relationship for both nations.